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When will you ready for your next assignment?

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Healthcare travelers, you are brave.

You dream a bit bigger. 

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You live life on your terms. 

We adore you!

And we are you! The founder is a traveler of 8 years!!

When we are treated with kindness, respect and honesty from our recruiters the journey FEELS so. much. better. 

Then we get spend our time feeling excited and looking up our next favorite coffee shop! (and not worried about if our recruiter is taking advantage of us!)

Used car sales tactics? Get out of here

Connection, teamwork, respect? 

Hello to the Nomadicare Way!! xoxo

What travelers are saying...

Laura not only matched me with two trusted recruiters, she also works constantly to educate travelers and recruiters alike to make traveling a win-win for all of us. I am new to traveling and Nomadicare has been a vital resource to me in learning what to expect and how to create a positive travel experience! And the best part? It costs the traveler nothing! Thanks so much, Laura/Nomadicare!
— Tara
Nomadicare is awesome for new grad and experienced healthcare professionals alike! Laura provided me with (FREE!) much needed mentorship as a new grad. I have utilized many of her guides which have been so helpful. Getting into travel therapy as a new grad OTR has been challenging but Laura and Nomadicare have helped simplify the process for me! I’d recommend ANYONE utilize these services if they are really interested in traveling. Laura and the Nomadicare team are amazing! :) Thanks for all you do!
— Elyse
I felt so relieved to find your website. As a person considering travel therapy, it felt so overwhelming trying to figure out the ins and outs of everything. On top of that, I had to try and find an honest recruiter to have my back?! Laura, you have such a confident and caring air about you that it felt easy to put my trust in you to help find a good fit for recruiters!
— April
I am just getting started with travel therapy and I don’t know where I would be without Laura and Nomadicare. She is a bona fide travel therapy guru and I trust her 100%. My recruiter matches have been awesome and I just got my first assignment through one of them. I can’t recommend Nomadicare enough for someone contemplating jumping into the exciting world of travel therapy/nursing!
— Lisa
Nomadicare gives you the honest recruiters and cuts out the bad ones. I love the recruiters she matched me with and I’m so happy with them. If it wasn’t for Nomadicare I would still be working with the sleazeball car salesman recruiter that was just very pushy and rude. I highly recommend Nomadicare to anyone who is thinking about traveling and would like working with honest/good recruiter who truly has your best interests at heart. :) Thanks, Nomadicare for your help, dedication, and hard work!
— Heather
After nearly 40 years in the “agency” world first as a CVICU nurse, then management, and now owner, I offer my support to Laura as a “disrupter, facilitator, and connector.” She is a truthful, articulate, culturally competent professional who has learned the inner workings of the industry and “disrupted” bad recruiter behavior by promoting and facilitating best practices and connecting healthcare professionals with honest recruiters willing to follow them. There are greedy, uncaring, unethical people in the travel health industry that prey on the naïveté of inexperienced health care professionals choosing to travel. Laura provides highly valued training and coaching that is improving the face of the travel healthcare world and making it a safe space. She is unmasking “predatory” practices by focusing on and promoting positive, fair, and honest practices that elevate our community and culture.
— Chris Coates, Owner of OR Nurses
Laura is a travel healthcare goddess! As I decided to dive into the travel therapy world, I came across Laura’s page, Nomadicare, and have learned so much from her. Her webinars, Facebook info, free guides and Recruiter match have really set me up for success as I begin this journey. I even got to Skype call with her and she really is just fabulous! I always look forward to her positive, informational updates. She is such a reachable, real resource and it’s comforting knowing how much she cares.
— Audrey
It was great, the toughest part for me was deciding which of the two recruiters to go with!
— Tim
Nomadicare is amazing!! I was matched with two recruiters who have been very honest and responsive. Great experience thus far!
— Elizabeth