Meet Laura- Creator of Nomadicare

Hi, nomads and future nomads! 

I'm the traveler that created this website. I LOVE travel healthcare and still have to pinch myself sometimes that I am in a field that will pay me to travel! 

I left my hometown of Flower Mound, Texas in 2009 and since then have traveled across the States, Australia, Asia, South America, Europe, New Zealand and more. (Africa I'm coming for you soon!) This all happened because of two words. Travel. Healthcare. 

Something I never even knew existed until 3 months before my graduation. 

Travel intrinsically brings about two things. Self-reflection and an increase in tolerance of people different than you. When you move to a new city, where you know nobody, you will meet people that will challenge everything you thought was your truth. Your life will suddenly become less black and white. And in that, you become kinder and more compassionate. A kinder world is okay with me.

I'm excited and grateful to help support and encourage you on your own journey!

My mission in starting Nomadicare is to help make the adventure easier for others. Learn from me and I'll connect you with the people that have your best interest at heart. 

Feel free to reach out and email me. I'll be happy to hear from you. 

Happy Travels!