This is a checklist. I love checklists. 

Hey loves. Don't worry if you don't know it all yet!

This is just a great resource to look at and think about what you know and where you could research and learn more. 

I did not know this stuff when I started. Actually I knew almost zero of it and I turned out alright! :) 

I heard of traveling as a career option and I was sold at the lifestyle! I jumped in and learned as I went. Sometimes the hard way and sometimes from others but my point is this: 

There will always be something else to learn. Don't let that hold you back. You got this. Time flies by and if your heart is ready then I say JUMP! Trust yourself. You will be just fine and come out the other side so grateful you took a chance in life like this. 

After all, when we are all 90 year old hanging out, we will not be regretting the things we did and the chances we took. The studies show people regret what they did not do. 

If you want to travel but are on the edge and unsure for all the many reasons that it can feel scary... from me to you...

YOU GOT THIS. xx Laura

Fill me in and the checklist downloads instantly <3 

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