Hello! I'm LaurA.

Empowered Traveler Show (2).png

Founder of Nomadicare and on a mission to make this industry better! 

I have been a traveler in healthcare for almost 8 years!

I freakin' love this industry. 

We get paid to travel! How amazing.  

Some fun facts about me: 

I take time off each year to backpack and explore new countries. I'm obsessed with lattes. And I live for the sunshine. 

I've even worked in Australia! 

How amazing we get that kind of flexibility and freedom in this career! 

But with all the highs ... came also some frustrating lows that I got to learn and grow from. 

And one of those lows was the day I found out I was getting taken advantage of from a recruiter and it felt..

well... terrible

And I thought- nope- this is not okay. 

So I started Nomadicare!

I now interview recruiters from all sizes and sorts of companies and find the recruiters who are rocking their desks with integrity.

If they pass my test (and only 1 in 3 do) they get the Nomadicare Stamp of Approval -  and I'll connect them to travelers who don't want to learn some of these lessons the hard way like me! 

I know you don't have time to learn all the depths of the information within travel healthcare like I did - but you should still be able to trust your recruiter and go live your life without the fear of being deceived. 

I'm excited to play a role- big or small- in your nomadic adventures! 

Go live your dream. It is so worth it.

And I'll be here cheering you on along the way. 

Spread goodness everywhere your little travel wings take you! xo Laura

Also - I'm always making resources, jumping on facebook lives and answering questions in our Empowered Travelers Facebook group.

Come join us! (No recruiters please)