I have been a traveling occupational therapist for the past 7 years.

My travel mantra is “Experience over money. Integrity over ego. And when all else fails: just do the next nice thing”.

I take time off each year to backpack and explore new countries, I've worked in Australia, and have a passion for mentoring and helping others interested in traveling healthcare.

Traveling has not only helped me grow clinically, but it’s profoundly changed the way I see myself and the world around me. I’ve become a kinder, more confident person through traveling. It's an amazing opportunity we have, I would encourage anyone to take that leap! 

I started Nomadicare to highlight great recruiters, companies, and travelers. As I would talk to new travelers I really saw the need for solid, trusted recommendations of recruiters, as well as actionable guides and resources to use. And the part of me that loves to help and create value in this world thought, "Why not me! I'll create this for our industry".  

I know you don't have time to learn the depths of the information within travel healthcare- but you should still be able to trust your recruiter and go live your life without the fear of being deceived. 

So I have had a great time interviewing and diving into the world of recruiters to find the gems that deserve to be recommended. As Nomadicare grows- so will the downloadable resources for you to use! 

I'm excited to play a role- big or small- in your nomadic adventures! 

Reach out to me anytime! Nomadicare is my passion project to help other travelers. I would love to hear from you. Laura@nomadicare.com