Transparency is fun! Just like I interview to find the transparent recrutiers, I also run Nomadicare with transparency. 

So in case you were wondering: 

Just like any traveler does, I get a referral bonus if you get placed in a job! Woo. Thanks for the lattes that power me and helping me pay off my student loans. 

In honesty, this is how I get to pay for the website and make all the guides and trainings I give away to you for free. Win/Win!  

Don't want me to get a referral bonus? No, worries. Don't fill out the form and I will still give you all the goodies you would need to find your own recruiter who rocks. I have a guide full of questions to ask recruiters and red flags to look out for when interviewing companies that I learned on my journey. I will happily give it to you for free (Email me 

My mission is to raise this industry up first and foremost. This is just one way I do it. Stay tuned for more fun stuff on this site soon too xx

Happy travels my friends :) 

Live Inspired! 

xx Laura