You are amazingly talented, hard working and smart people. I have a deep respect for what you do and I happen to also have a wealth of knowledge in how you can level up, retain more travelers and decrease the turn over of you employees. 

Running Nomadicare has given me an incredible insight into what makes a traveler respond and have loyalty to a recruiter. I've had over 500 travelers come through Nomadicare and I get the privilege of hearing their fears and their stories from a traveler perspective. So not only do I have personal experience of being a traveler, I get insight from hundreds of current travelers every month! 

Sometimes it's such little things that completely turn a person off to a whole company OR it's also little things that make people blast their social media feed with praise. I want to teach you how to do the right little things to stand out and be exceptional for your travelers. It means more money in your pocket and a more enjoyable experience as a traveler and recruiter!

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