Verbal Contracts.

Be the leader.

Know what you are saying yes to. 

Verbal Contracts Part Two.

Travel nurses. Travel therapists. Travel Surgical Techs.

You did the interview.

You rocked it (duh).

You got offered the job.

You want the job!

So you call up your recruiter and say, "Yes please"

Now you are in what we call a "Verbal Contract" with the job.

I did a post a week ago or so that talked about why it's important to only say yes if we really mean it.

But let's go one step further.

Now is our chance to be a communication rock star, be proactive and know what we are saying yes to exactly.


1. Say yes "verbally" in an email.

2. Always believe this: If it is not written it is not said.

3. Be the one to say it. You are a leader and are happy to take control of your journey. You don't wait on others, you are way too badass for that. 

4. You know that "he said, she said" games are for amateurs. Not us empowered travelers.

So instead of just saying yes, write an email (example below) to confirm that you want the job. You fill in the blanks in that script with what you and your recruiter agreed on. If there is a spot you don't know, ask. You be the leader.

1. Now you will know exactly what you said yes to because you wrote it out. 

2. You get a chance to realize what has not been communicated yet so you can ask before you say yes. 

3. All parties will know the expectations because you took the 5 extra minutes to confirm it which could save lots of time and trouble later. 

4. Now you feel confident and empowered because you took control of the communication and your career.

Yeah. You rock. 


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