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Adventure Awaits

"What is an adventure?" - she asked. 

I thought for a moment. 
She came to me because I had 64 stamps in my passport. 
She thought I knew something. 

And suddenly. All at once. 
It occurred to me why life felt so hard right now. 
I had stopped living my daily life as an adventure.
I was trying to manipulate the outcome to something I thought I wanted and needed. 

So I told her this.

"An adventure allows you to feel.
An adventure is anything you do where you do not know the ending. 
Yet you take that leap anyway.

An adventure means you trust. 
The universe. 
And it means you do not plan the ending. 
You accept the journey as it comes.

Life is an adventure. 
But only when you let go.

Only when you let go."

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