Which states have no income tax for travel nurses?

Ah, the sweet sound of no taxes. Hear that? Sounds like money to me. And as travel nurses, we have the option of where we travel to. And some of the states we travel to may not even charge us taxes for working there. I would personally like to tip my hat and thank them all! (Is that even still a saying?) Regardless, here they are:

States with no income taxes

Land of the taxes

As you start packing those bags, keep in mind this: If your tax home is established in a state that DOES have an income tax, you are never going to be off the hook from paying this. Your tax home state will always charge you, yes, even when you are working in another state. This does not mean you are getting double taxed, but if the state you traveled to has less or no taxes, your home state will get ya for the rest.

But if you have a tax home set up in a no-income state and you travel to another no-income tax state, boom. No income taxes as you get paid to travel.

And better yet, what are the states we can shop in with no taxes? My personal favorite was New Hampshire in the fall. No income tax and no sales tax!! I got those mountain views with all the foliage and every item I bought was not taxed. Hello there, new iPhone.

States with no sales taxes

Cheers to tax-free 'merica,

xo Laura

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