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When picking out your next company sometimes we wonder - "Are they all about the same?"

What should we even be asking when choosing our next company?

On top of the fact that different companies work with different VMS systems, MSPs, direct contracts (aka they have different jobs) they also offer different benefits.

Here are some benefits that can be different between company to company:

1. If they have day one medical insurance or if you have to wait 30 days or more for their insurance to kick in.

2. If they deduct cost of insurance from everyone even if you do not need their insurance (ie: if you have your own insurance will you make more money with the company than those who take their insurance benefit.)

3. If you do want to opt into their health insurance options- how much will that cost you each week? (average in the industry is between $30-$60)

4. 401k options: And specifically when you can start contributing and when/if they will match that at any time.

5. If you are taking company housing ask if they have a dedicated housing department or if it is just the recruiter playing that role. (Fun fact: Around 90% of travelers find their own housing!)

6. CEUs: Some companies partner with online CEU companies and give you unlimited access while you are with them.

7. Clinical Mentorships/Liaisons. So if you have a clinical question they link you in with someone who understands the ethical and clinical side to travel.

8. If they accept written references or if they have to call each reference.

9. If you will be with one recruiter throughout your journey with the company or if you get passed around between each assignment (some companies have location dependent recruiters).

Write down what is important to you as you start your company search!

If you use us to get your recruiter match we match based on benefits you need. 

So when you sign up let us know what matters to you... we already did the research for you and it's 100% FREE for the travelers!!

Travel Empowered,

Laura & the Nomadicare Team xo


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