Possibility is all I can see


There is this moment.

After days of driving to my next assignment.

I've listened to podcasts. 
Sang songs at the top of my lungs.

Bought gummy bears. 
Ate gummy bears. 
Regretted eating so many gummy bears.

And then. There is this moment.

At some point, all of the sudden, as if a once, an entire skyline comes into view.

The skyline of my next assignment jumps from the horizon.

That moment brings me my absolute favorite feeling. 
A feeling with no name. 
A feeling of possibility.

Because the thing that I know. 
When I look at all those buildings. 
Is that I can see in one view everything that is to come.

I know my new 13-week best friend is in there. 
My next favorite coffee shop. 
Inside jokes, laughter, dancing and probably tears.
All await me somewhere inside all those buildings.

In that moment, it is an untouched white blank page.

I get to drive in and be anyone I want. And begin again.

Possibility is all I can see. 
And it takes my breath away.

Laura LatimerComment