I expect to live a life story that is fun for me. So I do.


Sometimes people ask me how I've traveled so much. 
Or started two successful businesses. 
Or learned professional photography. 
Or starting public speaking. 

The answer. 
I just did it. 
One foot in front of the other. 

I wasn't less scared. 
I wasn't more ready or more talented. 
I didn't have the money. 
Or the right connections. 

I just trust in my future self. 
And expect a lot from this one crazy life I am blessed to have. 

I have a deep belief that life is meant to be explored.
That years should not look the same.
They should not all bleed together. 

I know that no matter what, future me can handle it.
I stopped giving attention the voices of fear and doubt that we all have. 
I told myself that little feeling was just excitement and it meant I was doing something right.

I say "yes" to the soft tugs of my heart. 
I click "buy" and I board the plane. 
Or I click the youtube video and learn to make a website. 
Or I click the camera and take 10,000 terrible photos until I start really seeing light and angles and shadows in a whole new way. 

I trust that the unknown has beautiful surprises waiting for me if only I have the courage to go. 

I expect to live a life story that is fun for me. So I do.
I expect to push myself and learn and grow. So I do.
I expect to fail a lot (which gives me permission to try new things). So I do. 
I expect myself to persist.
So when I'm feeling lazy, I do it anyway. 

You come to find, what you expect. 
That is exactly what you will get. 

Laura LatimerComment