They all thought they knew who she was. 


Back home. 

They all thought they knew who she was. 
They were comforted by her consistency. 
She was scared.
Scared to be anything but who she was expected to be.
Who she had been for so very long. 

"I want more than this." - She thought. 

She needed some space to learn to fly.
Where no one could tell her...
"That is not like you." 
"You can't do that." 
"You need to do this". 

Space to be a bit bolder.
To laugh a bit louder. 
To dance a bit sillier. 
To follow her curiosity.
No matter where that lead. 

For once, 
She alone wanted to decide who she was.

So one day,
She built up just enough courage. 
She packed her favorite shoes and pillow. 
And she left home. 
Just for a bit. 

To a place no one knew who she was.
She liked that.

Laura LatimerComment