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The Recruiter Matchmaker for travel nurses, therapists & techs

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Welcome to Nomadicare's List of Honest Recruiters

Let’s Raise The Integrity In The Travel Nurse Industry!

Created By A Traveler For Travel Nurses, Therapists and Techs.



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What Happens Next

Tuesday- Friday you will get matched with between 1-3 Nomadicare Approved Recruiters who are upholding integrity & have the locations and benefits you need to live your dream. ❤️

This the only place in the industry to get a vetted recruiter match where the recruiters are held accountable to treating us (and paying us) kind and fair. ❤️

travel nurse recruiter matchmaker nomadicare

Every match is custom, individualized and hands on.

Location Matching: If you need to get to NYC we will reach out to all our companies and find the most direct contracts so that you can get to your dream.

Benefit Matching: If you need a benefit like day one medical insurance, we will match you to your specific needs.  

Pre-Vetted: Every Nomadicare recruiter has been pre-vetted. Our famous 3 hour interview only allows the best through. (Only 1 in 4 pass).

Fair Pay: If they pass that means we have pre-negotiated fair pay for you. Yes, you get paid more as a Nomadicare Traveler at many companies.

Integrity: It also means the recruiters really understand this industry and they would never do any of these red flags. 

Cherry On Top: They are FUN and passionate. They all are a joy to get to know and team up with for your journey!

You will LOVE your Nomadicare recruiter.

We actually guarantee it.



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