Great Communication is what makes Travelers and Recruiters Fall in Love

(professionally of course 😉)

And sometimes that love has to take a break or end completely.

We, as Empowered Travelers, know the importance of always working with three recruiters and companies.

We get more access to jobs, better negotiating power and more people looking out for us on our travel journey. 

But having 3 recruiters you adore means that every 13 weeks you get to break the news to two of them that you got a placement with someone else (and that you appreciate them so much.)

Don't worry. Great recruiters will not make you feel guilty at all for this and they will appreciate the open communication!

And it's not really a breakup after all - just a break ❤️ - hopefully you stay in communication and they are there helping you out for the next contract. 



This guide is full of "done for you" email templates

You can copy and paste and adapt as needed to communicate some of the most important things to our recruiters. 

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Phone (Texting!)
Phone (Texting!)


Includes all of the following (and more!) 


The "stay in touch!" happy breakup template


The "open relationship" happy expectations template.


The "it's not me, it's you" clear and professional recruiter breakup.