All the details: Nomadicare’s hot job board!


Want More Travelers? We Got Ya Covered!

Introducing the Nomadicare Hot Job Board!

A few months ago we had a great trial run of the job board and we are almost ready to officially roll this out to the world.

Nomadicare’s hot job board is designed to get travelers and recruiters on the same page from day one!

It will be the most transparent and easy to understand pay package breakdowns in the industry. This will allow you to not waste time with a lot of back and forward later. Great expectations for the win!

Jobs will expire after 5 days with the goal of keeping this the most up to date job board in the industry. Boom.

And best news for you: This job board is exclusively for Nomadicare approved recruiters! And this is coming to you all for no extra cost. ❤️

The travelers know they are applying for a job they want and it comes with a vetted recruiter. That is an amazing peace of mind for the traveler. Let’s get them right to the recruiter who has the job they want.

What We Need From You:

After we launch, Mondays are going to be Job Board Days!

Tuesdays through Fridays will be Matching Days.

On Mondays starting in January, we will ask each of our recruiters to put up new hot jobs. We will require a minimum in order to get matches that week, but we will also allow more than the minimum too if you are feeling extra excited that week.

We will also use that day for you to double check if you have any matches for our dream job board. That is where the travelers post their dream job and if you have that job you can submit a pay package straight to them.


  1. You post at least the minimum of hot jobs on Monday through our pay calculator. That’s it!

  2. Just please make sure you are being diverse. Don’t just put up PT jobs in California or ER RN jobs… spread out over the specialties you work with and locations so this becomes a valuable resource to our community. And try to not post jobs that you know will most likely close quickly. We want to have as few “sorry that job just closed” conversations as possible! Just use your best judgement on truly viable jobs.

  3. We do all the hard work from there- putting graphics to the breakdown and posting it on multiple sites and job boards.

  4. If someone applies to your job— woo— we match them straight to you and let you know which job they want to apply to.

  5. We will also prep them with emails that help them understand the game at that point is speed and to get all their paperwork to you straight away!

What Qualifies as a Hot Job?

We have different categories you will pick to say why this job is HOT!

It is either:

  1. ASAP start.

  2. “Wow” overall pay. (at least 20% more than the typical average in the area)

  3. Low cost of living location with good housing options.

  4. Great for new travelers. (Is a location you have worked with before. You know there are good reviews from previous travelers, mentorship and a great traveler friendly routine).

  5. Destination- within an hour of a popular tourist destination.

Next Steps to Launch This:

  1. Week of November 26th: Get feedback from all recruiters so we pick the right number of hot jobs to make mandatory on Mondays in order to get matches that week. We also want to make sure we are picking the best specialties to advertise this to.

  2. Week of December 3rd: Updates to our website so each specialty has a landing page to go to.

  3. Week of December 10th: Create new social media groups and social media pages specific for jobs.

  4. Week of December 17th: Get Nomadicare set up with different job posting sites to distribute your jobs to lots of places for more eyes!

  5. Week of December 24th: Christmas!! Celebrate all the things that matter!

  6. January 7th: Hot Job Board goes LIVE to the world and that will be the first Monday to post your jobs!

Thanks for your Hard Work and Being so Awesome!

We will keep innovating and doing all we can to make this the best resource ever for you to find great travelers!

Feedback is always always welcome.


Your Nomadicare DreamTeam!

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