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Bait and Switch. Get out of here!

This Job Board Is Made For YOU, The Empowered Traveler. 

The jobs below are guaranteed to be HOT and REAL.

They are updated by our Nomadicare Approved Recruiters every week!

(And have the most transparent pay breakdown in the industry!)

To get matched with the vetted recruiter who posted a job, simply fill out the form at the bottom.

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Stats to Know!

This is the average # for jobs out there for Travel Therapists for February. Depending on the company(s) you are with they may have a few more or less than this!

Knowing your number helps you know when you have more negotiating power or when it's a season of becoming more flexible. (OTs I love ya and I'm talking to you! Be more flexible about where you are willing to go right now)

The market is always changing! We are going to be tracking this monthly at Nomadicare so you can be empowered to make the best decisions for yourself while having realistic expectations of the market if you are a traveling OT!

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xo Laura