How Can I Get Affordable Prescriptions?

So you finally found a health insurance plan that works for your needs. 

Phew! That was a lot of work.

Then you head to the pharmacy to pick up your prescription and...


Your health insurance doesn't cover your prescription or the co-pay or deductible is crazy expensive.

It's okay, it's okay!

Take a deep breath.

This doesn't mean that you made the wrong choice with your health insurance.

There are a ton of affordable prescription options out there. 

In this post we are going to explore just a few of the prescription options that we found helpful.

But this is in no way an exhaustive list.

blink health

Website and App

The first program that we suggest is Blink Health.

Blink Health is a free program for anybody who has a high prescription copay or deductible, if your health insurance doesn't cover prescriptions, if you're on Medicare, or even if you have no insurance at all.

You start by signing up for a free account online and enter your information as it appears on your prescriptions.

Next, you search for your prescription drug name from their list of over 15,000 medications (yeah...odds are that they have your medication).

They cover both name brand and generics.

Then you can easily pay online or through the app and you will receive a proof of purchase.

(You can print this out or show it on your phone.)

You can save up to 95% and they offer a $5 off promo for your first time.

Blink Health is partnered with thousands of pharmacies all over the country so odds are that your pharmacy accepts it.

I promise, we aren't paid to advertise for them!

To pick up your prescription, you just need to go to your pharmacy and show them your Blink Card with proof of purchase and... voila! that's it!

This program is so easy to use and it's totally safe!


$4 Prescription List

Where do you go when you don't know where else to buy something?

The handy-dandy Wal*Mart of course!

Wal*Mart seems to carry everything you could possibly desire... and you might not have known that cheap prescriptions are included in that list too!

Wal*Mart pharmacy has a program called the $4 Prescription List.

You don't even need health insurance to take advantage of this.

You simply need to ask your doctor to prescribe you a version of your prescription that Wal*Mart has on its list.

After your doctor calls the prescription in for you, you don't need any kind of card or receipt to pick it up for the discounted's automatic.

Ahhh... the little things that make life a bit easier.

Any prescription on the list is $4 for a 30-day supply and $10 for a 90-day supply.

(However, there are a few exceptions for some women's medications. Some are $9 for a 30-day supply and $24 for a 90-day supply) - Although these prices definitely don't break the bank!

The only real downside to this is that not all dosages and drugs are covered.

Also, this program only covers the generic version of the drug, no name brand versions. 

Don't let generic drugs deter you though!

The only reason that generic drugs can be cheaper than their name-brand counterparts is that they don't need to be re-tested to be approved by the FDA.

Generic doesn't necessarily mean that the drugs are made with Grade B ingredients!

If you don't believe us...maybe you'll believe the FDA. Their info on generic drugs is here.



Birth Control Delivery Program

This one is for all the ladies out there!

Nurx is a birth control delivery program that will deliver your birth control straight to your door.

And it works whether you have health insurance or not!

You simply sign up, select the brand of of birth control that you usually use, and enter your shipping information. Then the request is sent to a doctor in your state to write the prescription for you.

They also try to provide a 3-month supply for convenience purposes.

And the best part...there's no delivery fee. So if you do have an insurance that covers the prescription, then this service is completely free!

The only thing to keep in mind is that birth control requests can take 1-3 days to process then another 2 days for shipping, so the total process can be from 5-7 business days. So just make sure you don't wait until the last minute or you'll probably have to pay an expedited fee!



Partnership for Prescription Assistance

The next website we're going to talk about is a little bit different than the previous two. isn't a prescription assistance program in itself...

It's more like a resource to help you find a program that best suits your needs.

If we're being totally transparent here...

The way that PPARX works is a little bit time-consuming.

First, you'll fill out an online questionnaire which asks about your current medications and drug coverage.

Then the website will match you with any programs that you qualify for.

Finally, you'll print out and complete the applications for any programs you want to apply for. 

And mail them out. 

This obviously isn't the most convenient process...

But you'll have the potential to qualify for nearly-free medications, savings cards, service animals, diabetes supplies etc.

And the process is free.

are you convinced yet?


We told you not to panic.

Just because your health insurance doesn't cover your prescription or is ridiculously expensive...

That doesn't mean you need to change your coverage!

Before you start looking into new plans, try looking into some of these prescription assistance sites first!

Odds are that one of these sites (or another one not listed here) will be able to help you get those costs down and avoid hassle.

The other good thing is that these sites work nation-wide! 

So no matter where your travels take you...

Prescription assistance is on the way!


Travel Empowered,

Laura & the Nomadicare Team xo

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