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CT Technologist in Indio, California

Job Details

  • Weekly Gross $2410/wk
  • Hourly Gross $60/hr
  • Total Gross $31330
  • Setting Hospital
  • Shift Day (5/8hr)
  • Length 13 weeks
  • Start Date 2/24/2023 (Flexible)
  • Hours Per Week 40 hrs
  • Insurance Medical, Dental, Vision
  • Insurance Costs Starting at $15/wk
  • Insurance Starts day 1
  • Travel Reimbursements Yes
  • Licensure Reimbursements Yes

Pay compared to state average

The weekly gross for this job ($2410/wk) is 8% lower than the state average ($2619/wk) for travel CT Technologist jobs in California.

Housing availability and costs

The average price of a 1br furnished rental in Indio, CA is $1775/mo. There are currently less than 10 rentals available and less than 5% of available rentals are pet friendly.

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