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Speech Language Pathologist

Camden, South Carolina

$1730 per week


Day (5/7hr)

8/10/2020 (42 wks)

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We’re looking for a Speech Language Pathologist to join an amazing team in Camden, SC for 42 weeks – Day (5/7hr). This job has an estimated gross pay of $1730 per week ($49/hr), and extra shift pay is below your hourly rate. This assignment is set to start on 8/10/2020, however the start date is flexible.


Medical Coverage

Dental Coverage

Vision Coverage

Travel Reimbursements

Licensure Reimbursements

401K Available

Coverage begins day 1

Coverage starts at $15/wk

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You can browse the open jobs from many of our company partners on the Nomadicare’s anti bait and switch job board. When you see one that catches your eye, the goal is to apply asap. Jobs are closing faster than ever with all the craziness this year so speed is our best friend. When you request an interview, we’ll instantly match you with the vetted recruiter who posted that job.
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If you know where you want to go and you’re ready to travel, Instant Matching is perfect for you. You can browse the open jobs from many of our company partners on the Nomadicare’s anti bait-and-switch job board. When you see one that catches your eye, the goal is to apply asap. Jobs are closing faster than ever with all the craziness this year so speed is our best friend.
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