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What now?Jobs move fast! Here's what you should have ready to go so you can Land your dream job! 


1. Generally speaking, this is all you’ll need ready to be submitted for the job:

  • Resume

  • Specialities Skills Checklist 

  • Copy of Licenses: where they are held, and dates.

  • References (at least two names and phone #s - must be from a manager in the same speciality as required job)

  • D.O.B

  • Social Security #

  • Certifications

2. Here's what credentials you'll need post-interview for credentialing:

  • Copy of Immunizations

  • Copy of Physical Examination

  • TB shot in the last 12 months.


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Empowered Traveler Best Practice:

Have all your files in one place! Share your files using tools like Dropbox or Google Drive, and simply share with the recruiter! Here's what we recommend for your set up:

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Now all you have to do is right click and share the dropbox folder with your recruiter’s email address and you are done!

GOod luck!