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Empowered travelers know they need 3 honest recruiters on their team to get paid great and hear about more opportunities. But it is really hard. There are over 400 agencies out there! How are you supposed to know which ones have unique contracts in a certain location or which recruiters pay fair? 

We have you covered. We know which companies have contracts in each location and we know their benefits. All you have to do is tell us what is important to you and we will get to work making sure you have the team you need to live your dream! 

Laura got taken advantage of and paid 2k less a month than another traveler. So Nomadicare also created a 3 hour interview for recruiters. Only honest recruiters with heart make it on this exclusive list. Among many other things, they all pay fair, will never blind submit you, and will always show you your pay packages up front.

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Oh yeah, this is 100% free. You have no obligation to use the recruiters we match you with. But we are really, really good at this.