The Nomadicare Interview

Next round of recruiter interviews open up July 2019.

Nomadicare typically opens up interviews three times a year.

If you are interested for being on the waitlist for July go ahead and start with step one below!


Travelers: Curious about how your recruiter match got their stamp of approval?

Recruiters: Interested in getting interviewed to partner with us? Want to make this industry better while you grow your desk?  

Awesome. You are both in the right place!

Nomadicare was created by a traveler (Laura) who saw the need for a safe and fun way to get connected to recruiters who are honest, responsive, knowledgeable and feel like a friend. 

Laura went through a really bad recruiter experience herself and decided it just wasn't fair! She got to work and created a way for travelers to not get exploited by companies. A traveler having a wonderful relationship with their recruiter team is just too important to leave up to cold calls or random Facebook referrals. 

If you are a traveler and want to be matched with two recruiters who have already passed our interview (and who have the jobs and benefits you uniquely need) we would be thrilled to help you. We know you will love them!!  

The Recruiter interview

If you are thinking about interviewing to be in our exclusive club, welcome! We take great care and pride in this interview process (as you will see below) to make sure only the very best recruiters make it on the Nomadicare list. 

There are THREE parts to this interview to make sure we are a great fit to team up. 

Pass them all and you are in! 


Part One: The Pre-Screen

(10 Minutes) 

This step is a pre-screen that will take you through the Nomadicare Non-Negotiables. We don't want to waste anyone's time so we want to be sure it's a good fit before we get too far in the process. 

In this world of travel healthcare there is one thing we can count on: Almost nothing is black and white! 

Each company sets their own rules and standards for what is right depending on how they each interpret the vague tax or labor laws.

Those interpretations impact the traveler's pay and experience in a big way. 

So we made our own standard here at Nomadicare! After interviewing companies, tax advisors, recruiters, dozens of CEOs and owners we came up with our "Nomadi-Fair" Formula for what we believe a true win/win is in this industry that we love so much.

If you are interested in interviewing go ahead and dive in! 

No need to email us first. 

Just CLICK HERE and fill out the pre-screen!

If you pass, we will email you the password to unlock part two below!  

Congrats on making it to part two!

We are excited to get to know your work style. 

Do you have passion and purpose at your desk? 
Charisma and kindness? 
Compassion and follow-through

Are you a communication guru who brings joy and energy to every interaction?

Great. We are off to a good start. 

But first... 

Ask yourself this question: Are you signing up for Nomadicare as just an easy way to fill your pipeline? 

If yes, please stop here. 
We are actually not a lead generation website!

We are a relationship based company and a custom matchmaking partnership. There is ongoing accountability, communication and laughter as we work hard together.  

We partner with recruiters who view us as a part of their team and don't think of this as a numbers game. This is all about quality and care not quantity and luck. 

Our Nomadicare Approved Recruiters are authentically dedicated to relationships & people. They put a lot of time and energy in showing up for our travelers and showing up for Nomadicare - just like we do for them. 

What We Believe at Nomadicare: 

Recruiters have an incredible ability to impact this world. 
You directly change lives every. single. day. 

You are a BIG deal & your role is important in this industry.

We want to reward those who take that big responsibility to heart. 

We are here for those of you who display grit, perseverance, compassion, honesty, hustle, follow-through, communication and amazing emotional intelligence. Recruiters who believe in the long game and in kindness karma. Those who get up early and stay late and have a fire to succeed.

How We Support You in Your Success.

(If you pass 😉)

We match you with pre-qualified and educated travelers who we think of as part of our family. 

You also gain a team here cheering you on and supporting you beyond just matching. 

We give you feedback, trainings and new tools to use to grow your desk and skills. 

We want you to succeed and grow your desk as big as you can dream!

Just CLICK HERE to start part two! Good luck! 

(Use your password that was emailed to you after you passed step one.)

Congratulations for Making it this Far!

If you passed part two you we are proud to say you are running your desk true to what we stand for! 

You've got the hustle, the heart and the knowledge to really thrive at Nomadicare. We will be honored to match you with travelers from around the country that will appreciate you!

We are excited to get you onboarded so you can grow your desk and start having fun with us! 

This last step is a bit of training on how Nomadicare works, how to use your Nomadicare CRM tools and gets us everything we need to create your profile with us to start matching.  

After you finish part three, you are IN!

Welcome to the family! ❤️

(Use your password that was emailed to you after you passed step two) 

Start Your Onboarding Here! 

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