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Happiness Coordinators/Matchmakers


We might re-open this one for more later this year.

The Skinny

Where: Anywhere! 😊 Want to work from Italy? Great! This is a remote position.

Hours: Contract position (1099) looking for the perfect fit to work with us ~30 hours a week.

You Are:

  • A positive and joyous personality!

  • Independent. We don't micromanage and love the self-starters of the world.

  • Teamplayer. We have the best, best team at Nomadicare. We work together, are encouraging and playful all while working super hard to impact the travel healthcare industry in a powerful and positive way.

  • Juggler of tasks. We need the pro β€œchefs” of the world that can metaphorically have the corn, bread, rice, beans and cookies all cooking at once without missing a beat.

  • Technology savvy. We love automation and using technology to move our industry forward. We use lots of programs and softwares and add more all the time.

  • You have a fast laptop and internet connection.

  • Dynamic! This is a start-up culture and new opportunities and exciting ideas occur all the time. Corporate structure-- no thanks! Flexibility is key so bring your yoga pants! (After all it is a remote job- you totally could wear your yoga pants to work!)

You like:

  • The psychology of non-verbal cues. Your GIF game is on point and you are not scared of emojis.

  • You like to write.

  • You are not scared of the video camera from time to time (sometimes we might just record welcome videos and answers instead of typing it out!)

Your core responsibilities would include:

  • Matching travelers to their dream recruiters. This involves communicating with multiple persons at once and playing detective to find the perfect fit based on their dreams.

  • This involves our famous one-on-one custom dream matchmaking and always working with the two unique job boards we have!

  • Communication skills and liking people is everything in this role.

Nomadicare is:

  • A fun and happy company to work for solving a BIG problem for our traveling healthcare peers.

  • Based on integrity, creativity, kindness and impact.

  • One of my favorite things in the world!! A team player and someone that wants to see the Nomadicare family succeed is most important.

The compensation:

  • This is a fun customer service role with no formal education needed.

  • It is 1099 job and we would love to have you around 30 hours a week. Hours are during the day since that is when matchmaking happens and it is really flexible for time off.

  • You will need a laptop that works well and a great internet connection and a laptop camera. We will train you on everything you need to know and you do not need to be in the travel healthcare world to apply!

  • We do pay more than retail, Starbucks and tons of other customer service roles and you get the joy of working from anywhere!

  • But side note, my friends… We have gotten so many wonderful applications from all you amazing PT, OT, RNs looking to get out of the clinical setting. This is not a clinical role and it won't be a Masters or Doctorate degree level pay.

If interested, please read the whole post below to see if you are a best fit!!

The Deep DIve into this role

🌎 You are upbeat, positive and just LOVE helping others.

🌎 You are organized, detail-oriented and you see tasks all the way through.

🌎 Your motto is "kindness first" and you are excited to bring joy into people’s lives. You are not average, you always take the extra steps.

🌎 You are a problem solver and do not need micromanaging or accountability.

🌎 You are a nerd (in the best way!) about making sure the information you are saying is correct.

🌎 You enjoy playing detective, researching and problem-solving until a question is answered fully.

🌎 You are passionate about your work. You set goals. You are consistent. You can prioritize tasks and use systems to work smarter, not harder.

🌎 You are a team player and a rockstar at digital communication skills. You are a good writer when it comes to grammar (ie: there vs their).

🌎 You care about the WHY and the purpose behind what you are doing. You are not someone that clocks in and out and can’t wait for Friday. You want to create impact with the work you do.

🌎 You are not afraid to say β€œI don’t know” rather than share half-truths. The goal is honesty and integrity and lift this industry up!


🌎 When a traveler comes through Nomadicare to get their match, you will be the first point of contact.

🌎 You will message them to see if they need guidance, as well as make sure we know their needs of benefits, personality, and other Nomadi-criteria.

🌎 You will be the matchmaker between the traveler and their #dreamteam recruiter. You will communicate with recruiters about which travelers will be a best match for them. All while being playful and fun with the responses. Our goal is that every person that talks to Nomadicare leaves feeling heard and a little brighter.

🌎 You will be a touch point that the travelers can refer back to as they continue their journey so they have a safe place to get the needed information from a friendly, caring, honest expert in the industry.

🌎 If a question comes up from a traveler that you do not know, that is okay! You will contact recruiters, review Nomadicare resources, and play journalist for a bit until you find out an honest answer.

🌎 As you learn and grow, you might write blog posts or help make some useful guides.


🌎 This is Nomadicare! We collaborate, we care and we have fun.

🌎 We are a start-up environment that encourages creativity and the collaboration of ideas. You are so important and will be part of creating what Nomadicare becomes in the coming years.

🌎 We work hard!

🌎 It’s a small company so we can have ideas and just do it. There is no big red tape, no bureaucracy dictating our creativity (find us in the dictionary next to 'anti-corporate'). We are passionate and we love to get work done so we can impact and inspire others.

🌎 We know a positive work atmosphere is best. We know self-accountability is crucial for team accomplishments.

🌎 We care about each other. We feel like family. We like each other. We lift each other up. We are kind, honest and work together to create our most favorite company in the world.

🌎 We are changing the travel healthcare industry for the better- one traveler and recruiter at a time!

xx Laura and The Nomadicare Family


We might re-open this one for more later this year.