Nomadicare Secret Shoppers. Will pay you in coffee.

Get your dream recruiter match AND

a coffee giftcard for you & one to surprise someone with!


We are picking out an exclusive group of people to be our secret shoppers and we are paying them in our favorite currency. ☕️


Real Talk.

We LOVE learning how we can improve to make sure your experience is like WOW over here.

We appreciate the travelers who trust us to give them the best recruiters in the industry so much. Our goal is for you to feel empowered and free to jump into your dream life.

Our HOW: Education + pre-vetting recruiters for you.

Our WHY: Raise the integrity right on up for us all to thrive in this industry!

How it works

The DreamTeam here at Nomadicare will not know who is picked to be secret shoppers. Your application will go straight to Laura and she will pick out the lucky bunch.

  1. If selected you will get a pre-match survey so we can hear about your expectations coming in. (5 minutes)

  2. A month after you are matched with the recruiters we will hop on the phone with you and ask you some questions about your experience with Nomadicare and your recruiter matches. (20 minutes)

Who we are looking for

  1. Someone looking to start their next travel assignment in 6 weeks or less.

  2. Someone who really does need new recruiters! (We don’t want to waste these great recruiters’ time).

  3. Someone who is one of the specialties below. (It’s who we are needing for secret shoppers. But you can still request a free #dreammatch if you are another specialty!)


    • OTR

    • PT

    • SLP


    • ER

    • ICU

    • L/D

    • OR

    • Step Down

    • NICU

    • Telemetry

    • Oncology

    • Telemetry

    • PICU

    • PACU


    • MRI Tech

    • RCIS

    • RCS

    • RDCS

    • RDMS

    • RVT

    • CATH LAB

If you are picked we will give you a $10 card to Starbucks as a hug and thank you for your time and thoughts.

And we love spreading good vibes so we also would love for you to pick a friend, a mom, a stranger on Facebook- anyone whose day you want to brighten and we will also gift them a surprise giftcard from you!

Why: because COFFEE!

And because KINDNESS.

We do both around here a lot.

You will receive the giftcards digitally right after our final phone interview.

Interested in applying?

Woohoo. {Cue the confetti}

We are looking for TEN wonderful humans to secret shop Nomadicare.


Fill this out to apply:

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