How Nomadicare recruiters are different! 


If there is anything I love...  it is lattes. 

If there is anything else, it's a recruiter with Integrity! 

What does that mean? Read on my friends!

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1. They Will never blind submit you.

Blind submitting? No thank you.

As empowered travelers we need to know where our resume is.

This allows us to be prepared for interviews, negotiate pay, and be in control of which company will represent us for each job submittal. 

These recruiters understand that the market this year is all about SPEED to the job, so you guys will work as a team to submit fast- but that does not mean they will skip the step of going over pay (fully) and expectations before allowing YOU the traveler to make the decision of where your resume get sent. 


2. Pay breakdown Transparency 

Nomadicare Recruiters want you to understand your pay and are happy to show you the full pay breakdown before submitting you to a job. 

When you and your recruiter are on the same page & know what to expect together, that is when you can really be a team.

A full pay breakdown includes your taxable pay, your stipends, and your travel pay (remember that ALL of this is part of your pot of money so you need to add up all the places $$ goes to really be able to see what you are making). 

It also includes open conversation about how the company pays OT rates, what happens if you extend, the cancellation policy, and what the guaranteed hours/call off allowance is.

None of this will be a surprise after you accept a job with Nomadicare recruiters!


3. Fair Pay

How do negotiations work in travel healthcare? Ideally they work by having an awesome recruiter that will pay you the most they can the first time! Going back and forth trying to get one more dollar an hour can make you feel like "well where was that dollar when you first pitched the job?"

Nomadicare recruiters pay you the most they are allowed to by their company the first time. They will not play games or try to short you. You get to be savvy and work with two recruiters to see who has the best offer - but no more feeling like you should have asked for me. 

Also fair pay means fair OT rates and extension pay- ask them about this before submittal, they are an open book.

If you are only getting time and a half of your taxable pay - that ends up being a really bad profit margin for you! But you don't have to worry about that with Nomadicare! 



4. No guilt 

These recruiters understand the market and support you in working with another recruiter while you work with them. 

You - as an empowered traveler - know the importance of communication, not pitting recruiters against each other, and not going MIA on our recruiters. But you also know how important it is to work with two or three companies for more job opportunities and to be able to compare pay in a region. 

You will not get the ridiculous guilt that some not-so-great recruiters like to put on us for doing this! 

These guys are kind and have your best interest at heart. 



5. They show up and know how to hustle!

It's a different market today than it was even two years ago. 

And in today's market there is one word that reigns: SPEED! 

These recruiters are in their prime:

  1. Their desks are not too full - they have time for you and are grateful to work with you. 
  2. They have been around long enough to know how to organize a desk and submit you to a job so you stand out.
  3. They call/text/email you back- usually within hours. Go ahead and time them! 



6. KNowledge 

When we jump into this world of travel there is SO MUCH to know. And it feels intimidating trying to figure out all the things we don't know that we don't know. 

A great recruiter does not wait for you to ask all the perfect questions. They know this industry and are there to guide you each step of the way - not just be a job board!

Tax homes- they have to know this to pass the interview. 

Pay breakdown - they have to be able to teach this to pass the interview. 

Tips and tricks along the way- they have done this long enough to really be there for you.