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Ever wonder what the TRAVEL NURSE JOB trends are for your specialty?

So do we! Finding a job as a travel nurse shouldn’t have to be a guessing game. It should be an exciting adventure!

We’ve got you covered.

We polled our Nomadicare Approved Recruiters and partners, and they’ve given us the inside scoop on job trends for some for the upcoming summer season of the Top Travel Nursing Specialties! Find and click on your specialty below and tune in to quarterly updates specific to your specialty.

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What we are seeing overall in travel nurse job trends in 2019

What you see below is a way for us to help answer the question of “Is this upcoming season good for me as a travel nurse in my field (do there seem to me more opportunities now than on average earlier this year) or are things slowing down right now?” And for those able to be flexible in setting-”Are there more travel opportunities in another RN specialty?”

For example, for the Med Surg Travel Nurse, there are still a bit over 300 open travel positions we see for June 2019, which isn’t too shabby! It’s still hot out there! However, it looks like the first half of the year averaged closer to 400 openings. This means it may take a little more time to find the right job for our Med Surg Travel Nurses this summer than it may have at the start of this year.

Also feel free to take a look at the abundance of each travel nurse specialty in comparison to one another. For anyone thinking of a change in your usual setting, this may help bring some perspective!

Current Estimate of Open Positions vs. Average Open Positions seen this year (2019) by travel nurse specialty

Please remember that we at Nomadicare are basing all statistics and estimates on this page on information provided by our recruiters and partners. It is here to give you our very best estimate on the job market with information we have in hand.