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The Nomadi-fair Pay Breakdown

Calculator is HERE!

For Travel Nurses, Therapists and Imaging

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Use this calculator if you want to:

  1. Make more money and compare your pay packages. {Yes, please!}

  2. See where the gaps are. Do you really know all the details you need to say ‘yes’ to the offer?

  3. Email a full pay breakdown summary to yourself and your recruiter to make sure you are on the same page {in writing}.

How to use the Nomadi-Fair Calculator:

For Travelers

Just take the numbers your recruiter gave you and pop them into the calculator.

If you find places where you were not given a number, go back and ask your recruiter to give you all the details so you have a clear picture of what you are saying 'yes' or 'no' to.

The calculator will work its magic and show you a full summary so you can:

  1. Compare “apples to apples” between pay packages from different companies. Compare weekly pay between two packages like never before!

  2. Learn where to negotiate as you fill it in.

  3. Align expectations between you and your recruiter right from the start.

Step-by-Step Tips

  1. Enter your "What and Where"
  2. Enter the important details: Start Date, Contract Cancellation Policy, Guaranteed Hours, Expected Hours, Call-Off Shifts, etc.
  3. Enter the hard numbers: Taxable Hourly, Housing Reimbursement, Meals and Incidentals, Other Reimbursements, Insurance Info, etc.
  4. Extra Dollars Extra Hollars! Here is where you put: Overtime Pay, Extra Time Pay, On-Call Pay, and Holiday Pay!
  5. BOOM! Here is the Nomadicare Blended Rate to help you negotiate more cash on a contract extension, Extra/Over Time Pay, and in the event of Sick Days!
  6. AND you get to see the Whole Pot of Coffee (your money for each contract) to show you just how valuable you are!!

For Recruiters

Feel free to use this pay calculator as a clear way to show pay to your travelers!

It’s an open resource for all to help communication and expectations between the travelers and their recruiters from any company.

Travel Empowered and Enjoy!


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