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Quarterly Update Spring 2019

Estimated Number of Job Openings for Travel Physical Therapy Assistants


The Estimated Time it Take to Get a Travel Physical Therapy Assistant’s License

Another great thing to look at when trying to decide where to travel to is how long the license takes to get back.

Travel therapy jobs have a quick turn around time and it will be rare for a hiring manager to interview you without a license in the state you are applying for jobs.

But each state license costs money. Takes time. And something I did not think about when I was getting started: every license I owned was a license I needed to keep up with. That means renewals and that means each time I want a new license in a new state I would have to request a letter of good standing to all my old license states!

Big takeaway here is to put a bit of thought into each license. Think about:

  1. Are there actually jobs in that state?

  2. How much money and time does this license require?

  3. Is this a good one to have that is worth the upkeep?


🌡️ What this means for PTA’s this quarter…slow and steady wins the race!

There seems to be a slow climb in job opportunity for travel PTAs through summer. It’s a market that favors the flexible, the ones with patience, the true travelers and the prepared professionals.

What Nomadicare Recruiters are saying about the market for Travel Physical Therapy Assistants…

I wouldn’t really say it’s trending one way or the other, but this [spring into summer] is always a good time of year for PTAs, especially in California or the East Coast. The market will taper off toward the end of the summer as it usually does.

It still can be tough as a PTA and being open to many states helps! I expect it to cool down with all the new grads coming into the market in the next three months. 

The market’s the same as it has been. Travelers cannot be location specific. I don’t see this changing anytime soon, but it’s not bad on the West Coast!

Physical Therapy Assistant Jobs

the breakdown of settings for phyiscal therapy Assistants

76% SNF

12% Hospital

4% Home Health

4% Inpatient Rehab

2% Long-term Acute Care

1% Outpatient Rehab

1% Outpatient Clinic

Our take at Nomadicare…

The temperature seems to be rising in here! PTA travel opportunities seem to be on a slow upswing, although this may seem misleading because in the travel market as a whole, travel PTA positions only make up a small portion of the travel therapy jobs (think 37 jobs across the country for PTAs but an OT or PT could see 100-300 openings across the country). Don’t be discouraged, this is not a bad thing. Some states are hotter than others and have a consistent need for travel PTA’s.

The travel PTA market is really for those who are flexible on location and setting alike (and let’s face it, prefer or are experienced and good with the SNF setting). PTAs are also required to have two years of experience before starting a travel position.

Some states to consider travel as a PTA would be:

  • California

  • New York

  • New Jersey

  • Maryland

  • Texas

Our advice to our travel PTAs: If you’re flexible with some experience, we definitely recommend talking with a recruiter who can really help you navigate the market and help find a good placement for you. Some Nomadicare recruiters really, really love our PTA’s especially because the market has unique opportunities for the traveling spirits out there. Stay flexible, get a recruiter on your team and it could happen for you!

Number of reported Travel PTA Openings in Nomadicare history

Please remember that we at Nomadicare are basing all statistics and estimates on this page on information provided by our recruiters and partners. It is here to give you our very best estimate on the job market this quarter with information we have in hand.

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