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2019 Job Trends

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It’s awesome to know travel physical therapy is a great option for you. But we think it is even more awesome to know where the travel physical therapy jobs actually are! In the past, the only way to find out this information was actually calling recruitment companies. Not only is this time consuming, you have to know the right questions to ask and you have to hope the recruiter you got on the phone is telling you the full truth.

But no longer! We wanted to create something really special for our travelers and share another win/win resource for our industry. We are so thrilled to give you a glimpse into the market for physical therapy travel jobs. Keep reading to check out the one-of-a-kind compilation of data from dozens of agencies, big and small, that shared their data with us so we could create something really special for you: our travel physical therapists!

 And keep on coming back- We will have brand new travel physical therapy job trends out every quarter!


Physical Therapy Travel Job Trends Summer 2019

The travel physical therapy industry changes quickly. Where the hot jobs are and what settings are in highest demand for travel physical therapist is not the same year to year or even month to month. As you are deciding where to go next or if you are even ready to take the leap into a physical therapy travel job, knowing the market is very important to guide you on your journey!

Usually our advice for travelers at Nomadicare is to know what it really means when a recruiter says, “We staff in all 50 states.” We tell you yes, of course they staff in all 50 states, but that does not mean there are available travel physical therapy jobs in each state! However, it seems like our travel PTs can finally take that response more literally!

This map below is our compilation of job trend information from our recruiters and partners. Across all of the USA there are over 600 physical therapy travel jobs! Wow! The world is your oyster this summer (but so sorry for anyone specifically hoping to get to Rhode Island or Delaware!). California, as it often does, has the most need for travel physical therapists across all of the states. So if you’re wondering what your next state license could be, California may be a good choice!


Physical Therapy Travel Job Availability


What this means for Travel PTs…

The Travel Physical Therapy job market is HOT with over 600 available jobs for travelers throughout the USA. Time to start packing! We saw about 396 jobs in spring, but wow!! It is sure heating up for summer!🔥


Physical Therapy Travel Jobs: What Nomadicare Recruiters are saying…

[The travel physical therapy job market is] Very hot, and there are lots of jobs and options on locations and settings.  Travel Physical Therapy is always our hottest market, and it should stay the same or even get better over the next three months! The more open you are to opportunities, each interview will gain insight on what is important to you for the right job opp.

My advice to travelers is to have fun and look into the compact PT license. It’d be good to check to see if your home state license is a part of this agreement. It could make travel go even more smoothly.

It is hot indeed. Besides a few select states, we have jobs popping up consistently all over!! I would always recommend having 1-3 active licensures, so you always have something to fall back on. But overall, a strong market right now, and I expect it to get better. It is strong, strong strong!

What we heard from Nomadicare Recruiters in Spring 2019…

It depends on location, but for the most part [the travel physical therapy job market] is pretty hot as usual. Washington, for example, has been trending toward cooling off, but California is picking up steam. We are working on a lot of new deals in California, so that trend shouldn’t change anytime soon.

Figure out travel plans that involve having time off for a week or longer in advance. It will help when looking at future positions. If at all possible, plan your vacations in between contracts. And start thinking about Fall. It’s never too early to have a timeline. Also, if there are certain areas that you really want to be, try and target them now. The market is good right now with a lot of desirable locations to be had. Those will start to dry up as summer closes.

It’s warming up. The [the travel physical therapy job market] is decent these days and should get better over the long term. It could be a little choppy short term, but certain settings are increasing.  Home health seems to be doing well.

The chart below also shows us how greatly physical therapy travel job availability can fluctuate within a month or two. Overall, get your shorts on because it is looking hot hot hot again this quarter! If travel physical therapy is even just crossing your mind, get talking to a recruiter while it’s hot out there!


Please remember that we at Nomadicare are basing all statistics and estimates on this page on information provided by our recruiters and partners. It is here to give you our very best estimate on the job market this quarter with information we have in hand.

Travel Physical Therapy Settings

Travel PHysical THerapy Settings

Of all the available physical therapy travel jobs, setting plays an important role for many of our travelers. Here are the settings available as a travel PT and what percentage of available jobs they make up for the travel physical therapy market this summer:

52% SNF

22% Outpatient

11% Home Health

12% Hospital/Acute Care

1% Schools or Pediatric settings

Less than 1%: Inpatient Rehab, Long Term Acute Care, Hospice

What we saw in Spring 2019…

59% SNF; 24% Hospital; 7% Home Health (This setting is expected to grow soon with the medicare changes coming!); 5% Outpatient; 2% Inpatient Rehab; 1% or less: Long Term Acute Care, Schools/Peds, Inpatient Acute


travel physical therapist tips from nomadicare…

Are you packed yet?! The Travel Physical Therapy Job market is hotter than ever! We are reporting 200 or so more jobs this quarter than we posted last quarter. Woah! Our recruiters just can’t get enough travel physical therapists right now and neither can we! New to travel? No problem! Tons of experience? Even better! Just curious and want to learn more? We so get it! It’s definitely the right time for you!

The hottest states right now for travel (although let’s be honest, they all look pretty good!):

  • California by far!

  • Texas

  • Massachusetts

  • Georgia

  • South Carolina

Our advice to our travel physical therapists: The time is NOW! Talk to a rockstar recruiter, stay flexible and open, and we think there’s a good chance you could land that dream travel job!

But remember: Flexibility is still and always will be key! With travel physical therapy it is always important to remember to be flexible on your location and setting even with so many jobs available. We may be seeing over 600 travel physical therapy jobs (and that’s a lot!), but the traveler mind has to always stay open.


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