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Quarterly Update Spring 2019

Estimated Number of Job Openings for Travel Physical Therapists


🔥 What this means for our Travel PTs…

Is it hot in here?! The Travel Physical Therapy job market is HOT right now! If you’re looking to start as a travel PT, now may be the right time. The temperature is rising and positions are available!

The Estimated Time it Take to Get a Travel Physical Therapy License

Another great thing to look at when trying to decide where to travel to is how long the license takes to get back.

Travel therapy jobs have a quick turn around time and it will be rare for a hiring manager to interview you without a license in the state you are applying for jobs.

But each state license costs money. Takes time. And something I did not think about when I was getting started: every license I owned was a license I needed to keep up with. That means renewals and that means each time I want a new license in a new state I would have to request a letter of good standing to all my old license states!

Big takeaway here is to put a bit of thought into each license. Think about:

  1. Are there actually jobs in that state?

  2. How much money and time does this license require?

  3. Is this a good one to have that is worth the upkeep?


What Nomadicare Recruiters are saying about Travel Physical Therapy Jobs right now…

It depends on location, but for the most part [the travel PT Market] is pretty hot as usual. Washington, for example, has been trending toward cooling off, but California is picking up steam. We are working on a lot of new deals in California, so that trend shouldn’t change anytime soon.

Figure out travel plans that involve having time off for a week or longer in advance. It will help when looking at future positions. If at all possible, plan your vacations in between contracts. And start thinking about Fall. It’s never too early to have a timeline. Also, if there are certain areas that you really want to be, try and target them now. The market is good right now with a lot of desirable locations to be had. Those will start to dry up as summer closes.

It’s warming up. The PT Market is decent these days and should get better over the long term. It could be a little choppy short term, but certain settings are increasing.  Home health seems to be doing well.

Travel Physical Therapy Jobs


59% SNF

24% Hospital

7% Home Health

3% Outpatient Clinic

2% Inpatient Rehab

2% Outpatient Rehab

1% or less: Long Term Acute Care, Schools/Peds, Inpatient Acute

our tips for your from nomadicare…

Are you packed yet?! The Travel Physical Therapy Job market seems to be on the rise! I mean do you see that line sky rocketing after a little dip in available positions last winter (below)? Our recruiters just can’t get enough PTs right now and neither can we! New to travel? No problem! We say it’s time to dive right in while the water’s warm! Tons of experience? Even better!

We think some hot areas to consider right now are:

  • West Coast/Western US

  • Texas, Wisconsin or Michigan

  • Some East Coast and Southeastern States.

But remember: Flexibility is still and always will be key! With travel physical therapy it is always important to remember to be flexible on your location even with so many jobs available. We may be seeing almost 400 travel jobs (and that’s a lot!), but they are spread out throughout the country. The chart below also shows us how greatly available positions can fluctuate within a month or two, too. Overall, get your shorts on because it is looking hot hot hot this quarter! If travel as a PT is even just crossing your mind, get talking to a recruiter while it’s hot out there!

Our advice to our PTs: The time is NOW! Talk to a rockstar recruiter, stay flexible and open, and we think there’s a good chance you could land that dream travel job!


Please remember that we at Nomadicare are basing all statistics and estimates on this page on information provided by our recruiters and partners. It is here to give you our very best estimate on the job market this quarter with information we have in hand.

Excited?! So are we. check out these hot pt jobs below and get matched with the nomadicare recruiter who has this job!