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Psych Travel Nurse

2019 Job Trends

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It’s awesome to start looking at Psych travel nursing job trends and numbers. The travel healthcare industry can change quickly. Where the hot jobs are and what settings are in highest demand for travel nurses is not the same year to year. As you are deciding where to go next or if you are even ready to take the leap, knowing the market is very important.

In the past, the only way to find out this information was actually calling recruitment companies. Not only is this time consuming, you have to know the right questions to ask and you have to hope the recruiter you got on the phone is telling you the full truth.

But no longer! We are thrilled to have this resource for you so you can see what the Psych Travel Nurse job trends look like for you today. This is a compilation of dozens of agencies, big and small, that shared their data with us so we could create something really special for you- Psych Traveling Nurses!

 And keep on coming back- We will have brand new job trends out every quarter!

Psych Travel Nurse

Estimated Number of Job Openings by State

Summer 2019

When you start researching or talking to travel nursing companies, one thing you will hear is “We staff in all 50 states.”

As you can see below, opportunity is not spread equally. While a company may staff in all 50 states and maintain relationships with facilities nation-wide, they might be able to staff in all 50 states at the time you are needing a position. Being able to find an assignment depends entirely on the availability of that position. So although recruiters can work wonders for us, we travelers always have to remember to be flexible and keep an open mind on where to travel.

This map is a compilation of what Nomadicare sees for the Psych travel nursing job market this season based on positions reported with our amazing Nomadicare recruiters and their companies.

Estimated Total PsychTravel Nursing Job Openings.. (1).png

What this means for Psych Travel Nurses…

The job market is a little cooler out there for Psych Travel Nurses. With roughly 45 jobs across the US, there seems to be a handful open in many states. This means you’ve got options, but always remember Psych Nursing is just a very small part of all travel nursing positions

psych Travel Nursing Tips from Nomadicare…

Out of all the travel nursing positions there are roughly 45 Psych traveling positions across the US. That’s about 1% of the entire travel nurse market! This may not seem like a lot of opportunity, but don’t fret because there are also not as many Psych Traveling Nurses relative to other nursing specialties like ER or OR. And…less travelers means less competition! So it’s definitely worth consideration!

There are a handful of jobs open in various states, but we think some hot areas to consider are:

  • Missouri

  • New York

  • Pennsylvania

  • Northeastern States

  • And hey, California seems to be a good state all around!

Our advice to our Psych Travel Nurses: Don’t be afraid to jump in, but be prepared to keep an open mind on location. It’s important to remember to stay flexible and remember this is a relatively small market in the travel nurse world. Flexibility is key! And if you’re considering traveling in the near future, it’s definitely a good idea to get a recruiter on your team, talk about what your needs are and see if opportunities are opening up where you’d like!

check out these hot Psych TRAVEL nursing jobs below and get matched to the Nomadicare recruiter who has that job!