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✅ All recruiters are pre-vetted through our Famous Nomadicare Approval System. By using a Nomadicare Approved recruiter you will get paid more! Plus get an amazing experience with a kind and hard working recruiter who truly knows this industry.

✅ Guaranteed No Red-Flag Recrutiers!

✅ You will get 2-3 vetted recruiters from different companies who passed our test AND have the ones who have relationships and contracts in the location you are trying to get to next!

💰Nomadicare Matched Travelers make on average $178 more a week than Non-Nomadicare Travelers because of the Nomadicare pre-negotiations done for you!


Travel Nurses, Therapists and Techs..

🗺You are in a whole new world. New way to get paid. New way to have FREEDOM. New way to interview.

Everything is different {and dare I say- better!!} in this world.

🤔 But without knowing the secrets and having the experience of navigating these waters… it can be nerve racking! And you can make some expensive or emotional mistakes as you pack up and move across the country.

💪 When you use us for your matches, you gain us on your team.

👩🏻‍💻 You get free contract and pay package reviews and a text line dedicated to you. Expert travelers are here to guide you along the way!

What could you use the text line for..

Confused about Tax Homes? Timelines? Need recruiter accountability? Or just feeling those nerves that comes when an adventure is around the corner?

Perfect reasons to text us! We love helping you. We are here for you each step of the way as you live your dream! 💕


Alright friends!

You are matched and know you are about to make top dollar while working with top humans! Yay!

And you have us as your big sisters and brothers in the industry that will be here to have your back and support you along the way!

And now I would love to give you something special.

This is the Empowered Travelers Guide.

It is packed full of tips and tricks that seriously took me years to learn! I am thrilled to have a resource to gift to you that you can read and feel empowered in this crazy world.

It’s also full of pictures from dozens of fellow travelers on their adventures to inspire you in the journey of what is to come.

We are thrilled, honored and blessed to serve you and help you along your adventure. Enjoy the free gift and stay in touch!

xo Laura and The Nomadicare Dreamteam


Every Match Is Custom, Individualized and Hands On

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Location Matching

If you need to get to NYC we will reach out to all our companies and find the most direct contracts so that you can get to your dream.

Benefit Matching

If you need a benefit like day one medical insurance, we will match you to your specific needs.  


Every Nomadicare recruiter has been pre-vetted. Our famous 3 hour interview only allows the best through. (Only 1 in 4 pass).

Fair Pay

If they pass that means we have pre-negotiated fair pay for you. Yes, you get paid more as a Nomadicare Traveler at many companies.


It also means the recruiters really understand this industry and they would never do any of these red flags. 

Cherry On Top

They are FUN and passionate. They all are a joy to get to know and team up with for your journey!



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