Do all companies have the same jobs? (and more)


"Hey, Laura! We talked awhile back, and you gave me some great recruiter info!

A recruiter that did not come from Nomadicare recruiter matching is causing me some difficulty and was interested in hearing your opinion.

This recruiter is continuously telling me every company has the same jobs and I should only work with her and that by working with multiple companies I’m slowing down the process. She isn’t showing me pay packages ahead of time and wants me to only work with her so she can blindly submit me."


Great question! So happy to talk about this. 

Empowered Travelers feel free to share this page with your recruiter when these hard topics come up! It will give you an open space to start a dialogue about what I said instead of it feeling like a debate between you two. 

Remember: When we, as Empowered Travelers, decide to only work with recruiters who are dedicated to the win/win, we are doing our part in raising the integrity of the industry as a whole.

Do all companies have the same jobs?

No, absolutely not. 

Does working with multiple companies slow down the process?

Not enough to stop you from getting jobs. Our industry is fast but not so fast that your recruiter cannot communicate with you details about a job before sending your resume all over town.

*Depending on your specialty and the demand of location you might want to consider having one recruiter you trust already that will submit you right away when something opens up (LPN in San Diego for example. Or COTA in Austin). But 90% of the time you don't have to do this to be able to get jobs and interviews in our industry.

Should recruiters be showing you the pay package ahead of time?

Yes, and it should look something like this

Listen to this podcast to hear more details about each of these points! 

Travel Empowered xo 


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