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Do you Struggle to book amazing travelers?

You know, the ones like these:

travel nurse recruiter
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They love traveling and the adventure of it all.

They communicate with you clearly and frequently.

They rave about you on social media.

Suddenly you are the referral master!

You feel confident, fun, appreciated and look forward to coming in to work knowing what you do makes a difference.

You know the right things to spend your time on.

Ahhh. The stuff of recruiter dreams right there.

How do you get THOSE type of travelers to fill your desk?

Four Things: Habits. Knowledge. Self-Awareness. Persistence.

The shortcut is knowing the right habits to be persistent on to achieve a full desk and happy work days.

recruiter training

Laura has become the master of the recruiter and traveler relationship.

She is the founder of Nomadicare, a speaker and has helped dozens of travel healthcare companies increase their revenue by millions a year.

If your company is accepted into her training program she will give your recruiters a 2 day bootcamp that dives into the lives, the hearts, and the fears of the people you want to trust you. (Your travelers)

Trust comes from understanding the people you are serving so well that you are solving their problems before they ask.

You will come away Putting to action:

travel nurse recruiter training

How to solve our fears

Step One: Know what we are afraid of.

Step Two: Know how to solve them before we even bring them up.

Step Three: Learn to do this while still being efficient with your time.

“Be our Hero. Have our Loyalty.”

how to be a travel nurse recruiter

How to attract the best travelers

Without making a single cold call.

It’s 2018! Time to hang up and level up.

Oh yeah, my friends, we are diving into social media, email and texting.

travel nurse recruiter training

Step by step communication plan

“I didn’t do anything wrong!” - recruiter

I believe you.

But the traveler that is so upset right now does not.

But the traveler that is not getting on the phone with you does not.

But the traveler that is telling her friends how bad your company is does not know that technically you did not do anything wrong.

Laura has become the sought after pro on communication skills to master how your travelers are perceiving you.

What matters the most is how your travelers feel and talk about you. Your goal is a big desk and loyal tribe, right?

There is a science to this. And Laura will teach you step by step how to communicate to travelers in a way they hear you and want to communicate clearly back to you. Even in the really, really hard conversations.

Laura exclusively works with Agencies who:

  1. Work with Travel Nurses, Travel Therapists and/or Travel Techs. Laura’s expertise is in communication, marketing, travel healthcare, and teaching recruiters in this industry how to thrive.

  2. Are GROWTH focused. The agencies who want to evolve with the changing times. They embrace technology not as an enemy but as a really fast moving friend. They do not hold on too tight to the past and are not looking to become the next Blockbuster or Yahoo (RIP to you both). They evolve and elevate.

  3. Are PEOPLE focused. They care about learning how to thrive in this industry for the win/win of their company and the traveler. Profits AND people not profits OVER people.

Are you a good fit?

Laura does not share her trade secrets, formulas or give her energy to companies who are not playing a fair game.

She doesn’t care about if your branding says “traveler focused company” “nurse owned” or “transparent”.

It means nothing without action.

If you care about your travelers: Thank you!

If you love being in this amazing niche of healthcare that really can be for the win/win for all. Great!

Laura will teach you the shortcuts.

Laura will give you the action plans.

She will breakdown where you can grow and evolve to book more happy travelers that stay.

If you are dedicated to the win/win and elevating this industry together, Laura and Nomadicare will pour their passion into making sure you succeed just like they have done for dozens of other amazing staffing companies in travel healthcare.

“Let’s do this, Laura!“

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Laura does a limited number of trainings each year.

*** SOLD OUT FOR 2019! ***

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Laura is a fantastic public speaker. She is engaging, extremely knowledgeable, and presents material in a way that is easy to understand and to apply to your daily work. A big THANK YOU for answering all of our questions as well. We appreciate you so much!
— Janet Travel Nurse Recruiter
Laura’s training really felt like the bridge for us as recruiters and for travelers. It really helps to see different perceptions but also to have a “middle man” as Laura is for all of us, to show both sides with an open mind and heart. Thank you for taking the time you did and giving me the tools I need to become more successful not only in my business but as an individual as well.
— Ben Travel Therapy and Imaging Recruiter
Laura was incredible at presenting a different but yet refreshing perspective of the recruiting process! Her passion for what she does is completely evident as well as inspiring! I’m very grateful to her for providing her knowledge and experiences with us to help better myself as a recruiter!
— Jordan Travel Nurse Recruiter
We really enjoyed having Laura with us for two days. She brought so much value to our recruiters and account managers, having the perspective of a traveler is game changing!
— Recruitment Company Owner
It’s been 6 months since Laura came to speak to my fellow recruiters and I can say it has made all the difference! I still have my daily action plan taped to my wall! My desk is definitely growing and the best part is I feel confident and relaxed talking to my travelers now. I love being able to better understand where I can help them the most. Thank you for sparking my passion back up and making me feel important as a recruiter! I love my job again!
— Haley Travel Nurse Recruiter