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Travel Occupational Therapy Statistics


Current Openings


States with Jobs


Market Growth

What does this mean for winter travel OTs?

That dip is not just in the temperature outside! Winter 2019 is showing our lowest availability yet. Last year at this time there were about 275 travel OT jobs nationwide. By the Fall of this year, the market had dropped to about 127 open positions. Today, we are sitting at about 32. Yes, 32. Meaning your best bet at travel is to be experienced and open minded.

Flexibility is the name of the OT travel game. 

Winter Travel OTs should...

Not travel! You will have a huge risk of cancelations even after you pack, get housing, and move. You will have no job stability. It's better to try as hard as you can to find any OT job (perm or travel) to keep experience on your resume until the market turns around.

Get experience before you travel - As a travel occupational therapist, it is recommended that you have at least two years of experience before you travel. If you are a new grad, it is next to impossible to land a travel assignment until you have some experience under your belt. You also risk getting placed in tough (non-new grad appropriate) assignments, contract cancellations, and companies underpaying you and pushing the bill rate down. 

Be nice to your recruiters - Your specialty is not in demand, no matter where you are looking to travel to. Recruiters have to work 20x as hard to get you in a placement. Be patient, flexible, and be a great communicator and show up as a kind and professional partner to them, so they want to go the extra mile for you!

Extend - If you’re already in a travel position you like, see if you can extend!

State Breakdown

Winter 2019-2020

Travel OT Job Locations

The job market is as chilly as the weather! What was once a hot market is seeing a serious cold front coming through. That means significantly fewer jobs and more competition for each job. It is an extra hard season for new grads to try to be travelers.

When one might hear travel therapy companies say, “We staff in all 50 states”. 

What this means: The agency is legally set up with the ability to staff in all 50 states. 

What this does not mean: The agency has jobs in all 50 states. 

We surveyed dozens of companies to create this map. It represents a large percentage of the travel OT job market. Across all of the USA, there are around 32 open travel OT jobs at one time and many states have no jobs at all. California is holding the trophy for having the most needs right now and that is a state that stays pretty consistent with having jobs. (Hint: great state to get a license in!) Illinois is looking relatively good this season too.


Winter 2019-2020

Trends for Travel OTs

While SNF will most likely always have the market share of jobs, it’s a great idea to gain experience in many different settings. Nomadicare bases all these estimates on this page from information provided by dozens of our awesome partners. It is here to give you our very best estimate on the job market this quarter! We are cheering for you. Bookmark this page - we update the stats every season!

Total Openings

Winter 2019-2020

What Nomadicare vetted recruiters are saying

“Be open. Focus on Quick licensure states, and not on top destinations. Try a new setting. Not a great time for New Grad travelers. Get some experience before traveling right now!”

“Being flexible on setting and location are both equally important for OTs. It's important to keep an open mind completely and if it's a new setting being open to finding out if they will over mentorship and orientation into the new setting!”

“New grad OT pretty much isn’t even possible anymore. I used to work with tons of new grads, but it’s not possible right now. I’m telling all my new grads to try to go perm for a year.”

Market Comparison

Winter 2019-2020

Nomadicare recommends Travel OTs to...

Not travel this season. But if you really really want to try ... Join a yoga class and get flexible! And maybe meditate while you’re at it, be as patient as possible!

The best chances of landing travel OT positions goes to those who:

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