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What does this mean for you, our adventurous and brave travelers?

Fall 2019 is cold for the travel Psych market but it is trending up! We are sitting around an average of 80 jobs for travel Psych nurses. 

Flexibility is the name of the Psych travel game. 

Submit to 3-6 jobs at once - Work with several recruiters from several companies that you like. Different companies have different jobs, so you need to work with 3-4 when the market is a little bit cooler. 

Be open and flexible - Consider lots of locations. (Ahem- don’t only look at San Diego or Austin) and limit your time off requests. If you’re open to different shifts, pay and benefits, there’s a better chance of landing a contract.

Extend - If you’re already in a travel position you like, see if you can extend! 

It’s Fall - Consider there are more holidays in these 3 months than any others and plan accordingly to make sure you are receiving your hours each week to get your full per diem. If you are ok with working the major holidays, it certainly helps your profile to get selected for an interview. It shows the manager you are willing to help out their staff who would like to have time off with their families.

Show up for your recruiter - Remember that your recruiter is hustling to get you the best placement possible! Know the difference between an empowered traveler and an entitled traveler. Be a great communicator and show up as a kind and professional partner to them, so they want to go the extra mile for you. 

State Breakdown

August 2019

What does this mean for the market?

Fall 2019 - The job market is a little cooler out there for Psych Travel Nurses. There seems to be a handful open in many states with roughly 81 jobs across the US. This means you’ve got options, but remember to stay flexible. 

When one might hear travel nursing companies say, “We staff in all 50 states”. 

What this means: The agency is legally set up with the ability to staff in all 50 states. 

What this does not mean: The agency has jobs in all 50 states. 

We surveyed dozens of companies to create this map. It represents a large percentage of the travel psych job market. Across all of the USA there are around 81 open travel psych jobs at one time and many states have no jobs at all. California is holding the trophy for having the most needs right now and that is a state that stays pretty consistent with having jobs.

Setting Breakdown

August 2019

What trends do we see in the data?

Nomadicare bases all these estimates on this page from information provided by dozens of our awesome partners. It is here to give you our very best estimate on the job market this quarter! We are cheering for you. Bookmark this page - we update the stats every season!

Total Openings

June 2019 - August 2019

What Nomadicare vetted recruiters are saying

“Psych market is cooling down without CPI. Important for psych RN's to stay fairly open geo to assure a job will be available.”

“I would expect [the market] to stay about the same because honestly it has been like this for most of 2019.”

“I would recommend if possible to try to start before January 1. A lot of travelers get to this point and decide they want to take the holidays off. I would advise not doing that or at least starting in December. The market will be flooded come beginning of January."

Market Comparison

August 2019

What Nomadicare recommends

Join a yoga class and get flexible! There is still a great market out there for true travelers who:

Know their best defense is options. They are always staying in communication with multiple recruiters so they are never caught without an option when option A doesn’t go as planned. 

Are brave and adventurous! They are not trying to “travel” next to their hometown.

Are savvy with working with many companies and stay professional so they don’t burn bridges. 

Know that sometimes contracts get canceled, that this journey is unpredictable, and they embrace it and roll with it.

Are prepared for interviews to make sure they are standing out.

Understand SPEED can be everything. They know what they want. They can look at pay packages and make decisions fast so their resumé gets to the top of a stack! 

Most importantly, they utilize resources that are here for them! They use Nomadicare to get matched with vetted recruiters who hustle for them. They also use Nomadicare’s location matching so they are talking to the right companies that have the contracts they want. 

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