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Travel Speech Language Pathologist Statistics


Current Openings


States with Jobs


Market Growth

What does this mean for winter travel speech language pathologists?

Winter 2019 brings us yet another increase in the travel speech language pathology market! Speech Language Pathologists are slowly (or maybe not so slowly) becoming some of the most in demand travelers in the industry. It’s one of the hottest markets in the therapy world right now! Overall, travel speech language pathology is looking stronger than ever! 

Travel on is the name of the speech language pathology game.

That is an increasingly steamy market - Which puts the opportunity to see the country in your hands!

Enjoy the high but remember not to get overconfident. The market goes up and it goes down, but it really is up beyond belief right now! This is a great season to enjoy the available opportunities. But don’t burn bridges or relationships by acting as if the industry revolves around you. Be empowered, but be flexible!

Winter Travel SLPs should...

Be brave and travel to your bucket list locations - This is a season to try for your dream locations or dream settings! Some seasons give us a chance to be brave and leap into dream locations no problem. This season can be all about that leap, but be prepared to be a little flexible on location or setting! Sometimes you have to trade one for the other, but you’ll have so many options to weigh!

Compare pay and talk to several recruiters - Travel speech language pathology is just about always in demand these days. Make sure you work with 3 to 4 recruiters so you hear about all the jobs that could benefit you. Each company has unique jobs to tell you about. Ask for pay packages upfront and compare pay so you know you are getting what you are worth.

Be open to SNF jobs - remember that the best jobs go to travel SLPs who are most flexible! Sometimes the tastiest lattes and most beautiful sunsets spots are found on assignments you never thought you’d love!

It’s Winter (aka the holidays are here!) - Consider there are more holidays in the last three months of the year than in any other season! If you are okay with working on the major holidays, it certainly helps your profile be selected for an interview. It shows the manager you are willing to help out their staff who want time off for family. If you want time off, make sure that is agreed upon before you sign your contract. And it should be clearly written in your contract as well! Plan accordingly. Make sure you are receiving all your hours each week to get your full per diem.

Show up for your recruiter - The world may be your oyster for travel, but remember that your recruiter is hustling to get you the best placement possible! Know the difference between an empowered traveler and an entitled traveler. Be a great communicator and show up as a kind and professional partner to them. Recruiters want to go that extra mile for great travel SLPs!

State Breakdown

Winter 2019-2020

Best travel SLP job locations

It’s cold outside but it’s so hot in here! The market temperature is still so so hot for travel speech language pathology! That means more jobs and less competition for each job. It is still a hot season to enjoy traveling and have extra leverage in picking top pay packages.

When you hear travel therapy companies say, “We staff in all 50 states”.

What it means: The agency is legally set up with the ability to staff in all 50 states.

What it does not mean: The agency has jobs in all 50 states.

We surveyed dozens of companies to create this map. It represents a large percentage of the travel speech language pathology job market. Across all of the USA, there are around 410 open travel speech language pathology jobs at one time. This season, very few states have no jobs at all. California is holding the trophy for having the most needs right now. That is a state that stays pretty consistent with having jobs (hint: great state to get a license in!). Massachusetts, Washington, and Texas are also looking great this season.


Winter 2019-2020

Trends in travel speech language pathology

SNF will most likely always have the market share of jobs in travel speech language pathology. But it’s a great idea to gain experience in many different settings.Jobs are speculated to rise in 2020 because of the Medicare payment model shift in October 2019. This is a great season to apply to school positions or find  jobs and gain skills in that setting or with that population. And the best part - if you start now you'll get to see everyone's super festive holiday decorations!

How do we get all of this amazing data? Nomadicare bases all the estimates on this page from information provided by dozens of our awesome partners. It is here to give you our very best estimate on the job market this quarter! Bookmark this page - we update the stats every season!

Total Openings

Winter 2019-2020

Nomadicare certified recruiters say…

“There are lots of variety of settings for SLPs, and with that, there might not be that setting in every location so being flexible to locations is important.”

“Travel SLP is a VERY hot market, tons of jobs. It’s hotter than PT [which is typically the hottest travel market]!”

“The market will likely the same or get better - SLPs have been increasing in jobs over the past year! The market has increasingly been growing in the trend of having more and more options. There is a huge need for qualified SLPs for travel contracts!”

Market Comparison

Winter 2019-2020

Nomadicare recommends Travel SLPs to...

Be brave and take that leap to a dream location or setting! This is a hot market for true travel SLPs who:

Most importantly, they utilize Nomadicare’s resources. Try our free Location Matching™. You know where you want to go. We know which companies can and can’t get you there! Just fill this out and tell us where you want to go and we will make sure you are with the right recruiter for those goals.

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