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Registered Nurse (Peds - M/S Heme Oncology) in Twin Cities, MN

  • Weekly Gross Up to $11,554/wk
  • Regular Rate $132.06/hr
  • Overtime Rate $198.09/hr
  • Holiday Rate $198.09/hr
  • Guaranteed Hours 60
  • Start Date Between mid June - mid July
  • Shift Varies
  • Length 1-2 weeks (if needed)
  • Travel and Hotel Paid by Nomadicare
  • Licensure Reimbursement Yes

Certifications required by all hospitals

BCLS: Basic Cardiac Life Support,PALS: Pediatric Advanced Life Support

Certifications required by some hospitals


Here's your pay breakdown

  • 40 hours of work at the regular hourly rate = $5,282.40
  • 20 hours of overtime at the overtime rate = $3,961.80
  • Up to 12 hours of paid orientation at the regular rate (this may be a mix of online and in-person & will likely happen 1 to 3 days before the strike begins) = Up to $1,584.72 (based on the orientation hours you really work)
  • $75 daily per diem to cover food (this will be based on the actual days you are there, but most likely, this will be seven days) = $525. You do not have to save receipts for this.
  • $200 credential bonus! If you get all your credentials and profile done in the first 5 days after getting accepted for the position, you will get the $200. If you do not, you will get paid $200 less than the above amount since our team had to do extra work to get your credentials from you. We will happily pay you more for making our life easy and the process smoother!
  • On top of the (up to) $11,554, you will have all your costs paid for! Your flight, hotel, and transportation will be booked for you and pre-paid. 😎
  • Nomadicare will pay you back for your licensure if you end up working the strike. (If the strike is called off before we fly you out there, there is no reimbursement). A Minnesota license costs around $105 dollars – save your receipts.

More details about your pay

  • This is how much you will get paid for all orientation hours (this might be a mix of online and in-person time) and any hours you work that are not qualified for overtime pay.
  • Overtime kicks in when you physically work over 40 hours.
  • If the strike happens, you are guaranteed 60 hours!
  • If you work 40 hours or less, the entire 60 hours will be at this hourly rate. You have to physically work to ever get the overtime rate.
  • If the strike does not happen, you will not get paid (neither will we!). There is no guarantee of pay when no strike happens.
  • Once we get you on a plane and fly you out there, you will be paid at a minimum of 60 hours at this hourly rate, no matter how many hours you work. Even if they send you right home and the strike doesn’t start, you will get that 60 hours!

This rate kicks in when you physically work over 40 hours in one work week.

The work week at these hospitals are Sunday – Saturday. This is mostly just important for calculating overtime rates. When you work over 40 hours in one work week, the next hours will kick into overtime (1.5x the rate). So if you work over 40 hours inside of a Sunday – to Saturday, you get overtime.

For this contract, you will most likely get 20 hours at the overtime rate if the strike lasts the full week. If you work less than 60 hours in a week you do still have the guarantee to get paid for 60 hours, but the hours you do not actually physically work will be paid at the regular hour rate.

Example for visual learners:

If you work 52 hours & you have a guarantee of 60 hours:

  • 12 hours would be paid at the overtime rate
  • 48 hours would be paid at the regular rate
  • Fourth of July could happen during this strike. Holiday is paid at 1.5 the regular rate (same as overtime) The Holiday Rate is in effect for all 12 Hour shifts from 11:00 p.m. on the eve of the Holiday to 11:00 p.m. on the night of the Holiday
  • If this strike happens, you are guaranteed the regular hourly rate for 60 hours. So even if you fly the Minnesota and the strike is called off – you will still get paid $7,923.60 for just being willing and able to work.
  • If the strike is called off before we fly you out there, there is no guarantee pay

Frequently asked questions

Sometimes between mid-June to mid-July and will likely last one week but could be open-ended where you have the chance to extend.

Nurse associations give a 10-day notice to the hospital when they are going to strike, so the hospital has some time to fill all the positions (so patients stay safe during strike negotiations).

It is very likely the strike will happen mid-June or the start of July. As soon as we get the notice, we will be contacting you and booking flights. You will arrive 2-3 days before the strike for orientation.

  • If this strike happens, you are guaranteed the regular hourly rate for 60 hours. So even if you fly the Minnesota and the strike is called off – you will still get paid $7,923.60 for just being willing and able to work.
  • If the strike is called off before we fly you out there, there is no guarantee pay

We have less overhead costs & we take less profits because we are just awesome like that. The owner (Laura) is a healthcare worker herself. She decided to run Nomadicare to be very nurse centric and run the business on smaller margins to pay the nurse more.

In return, she selects the best nurses to work with and expects them to represent Nomadicare well as they work across the country! She loves the culture and the reputation Nomadicare has built over the last 7 years of being the kindest company in the industry. The nurses and healthcare workers that get selected by Nomadicare are amazing and hospitals love to work with them! And that deserves higher pay!

One year of experience in your specialty within the last three years. Strike work in the past is a perk but not required!

Strikes are very much a “hit the ground running” job, so please don’t apply without experience and confidence in your clinical skills so we can keep the patients safe. 😊

You’ll fill out a Nomadicare application form and submit a resume and a skills checklist – that is it to apply! It will be competitive for a lot of the specialties so really take time to read over your resume (act like you are the hiring manager) and make yourself shine! If you get accepted, we will credential you at that point.

You do not need a license to apply but once you get accepted you will need to apply right away as it takes many weeks to come in.

Yes, you sure do. Apply for a temp MN license right away if you don’t have one. They last for 60 days. If you have an expired temp license, go ahead and get a full license. You won’t be able to work this strike without it.

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Applications are currently closed for this position

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