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Telemetry Travel Nurse

2019 Job Trends

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It’s awesome to start looking at Telemetry travel nurse job trends and numbers. The travel healthcare industry can change quickly. Where the hot jobs are and what settings are in highest demand for travel nurses is not the same year to year. As you are deciding where to go next or if you are even ready to take the leap, knowing the market is very important.

In the past, the only way to find out this information was actually calling recruitment companies. Not only is this time consuming, you have to know the right questions to ask and you have to hope the recruiter you got on the phone is telling you the full truth.

But no longer. We are thrilled to have this resource for you so you have a great resource to see what the Telemetry Travel Nurse job trends look like for you today. This is a compilation of dozens of agencies, big and small, that shared their data with us so we could create something really special for you- Telemetry Traveling Nurses!

 And keep on coming back- We will have brand new job trends out every quarter!

Telemetry Travel Nurse

Estimated Number of Job Openings by State

Summer Forecast 2019

When you start researching or talking to travel nursing companies, one thing you will hear is “We staff in all 50 states.”

As you can see below, opportunity is not spread equally. While a company may staff in all 50 states and maintain relationships with facilities nation-wide, they might be able to staff in all 50 states at the time you are needing a position. Being able to find an assignment depends entirely on the availability of that position. So although recruiters can work wonders for us, we travelers always have to remember to be flexible and keep an open mind on where to travel.

This map is a compilation of what Nomadicare sees for the telemetry travel nurse job market this season based on positions reported with our amazing Nomadicare recruiters and their companies.

Estimated Total Telemetry Travel Nursing Job Openings.. (1).png

What this means for Telemetry Travel Nurses…

Is it hot in here?! The market for Telemetry travel nurses continues to be HOT. If you’re looking to start as a Telemetry travel nurse, now may be the right time.

Telemetry Travel Nursing Tips from Nomadicare…

Are you packed yet?! The Telemetry Travel Nursing Job market is HOT so don’t be afraid to jump right in!

Across all of the USA there are around 500 open Telemetry Travel nursing jobs open at one time (and that’s a lot!) and we think some hot areas to consider right now are:

  • East Coast/Western US

  • Texas, Arizona, or Louisiana

  • California (CA holds the trophy for having the most needs right now and is a state that stays pretty consistent with having jobs—hint: A great state to get a license in!)

But remember: Flexibility is still and always will be key! With travel nursing it is always important to remember to be flexible on your location even with so many jobs available. We may be seeing almost 500 telemetry travel nursing jobs (and that’s a lot!), but they are spread out throughout the country.

Our advice to Telemetry Traveling Nurses: The time is NOW! Talk to a rockstar recruiter, stay flexible and open, and we think there’s a good chance you could land that dream travel job!

If you’re getting ready to travel, read up on licenses. With your licenses, many states are adopting the compact license as a way to increase opportunity for travel nurses. You can learn about the NLC (Nurse Licensure Compact - and find your way to these dream opportunities across the country. As you can see, there are a handful of positions available many states, so it’s best to be prepared for several locations!

If you’re an experienced traveler or are ready to start the travel life, it’s a good time for our Telemetry Nurses to start preparing and make sure your experience and licenses are suitable for what you need as a traveler. Prep work also includes getting a recruiter on your team so they can keep an eye on the market, confirm all your ducks are in a row and find you a job in the best place for you!


Please remember that we at Nomadicare are basing all statistics and estimates on this page on information provided by our recruiters and partners. It is here to give you our very best estimate on the job market this quarter with information we have in hand.

Looking good out there! check out these hot TELEMETRY TRAVEL nursing jobs below and get matched to the Nomadicare recruiter who has that job!