The $100 #dreammatch Guarantee

Yes, you heard correct!

If all your #dreammatches turn out to be not so dreamy- we will give you $100.

Fine Print in Not So Fine Lettering

travel nurse recruiter

We are all about that transparency at Nomadicare


Let's dive into some real talk for a second.

There are lots of things that Nomadicare can not control.

Things like the market.

Your expertise and needs and if that matches what Nomadicare has to offer you.

Our goal is to match you with an honest and kind recruiter that went through a super challenging interview with us and passed (Yeah! Get it!)

We are guaranteeing to find you at least one kind hearted player to add to your team of recruiters. Someone who is showing up for you, hustling to get you where you want to go, and being open and honest about the industry and pay.

What We Are Expecting From You

  1. Just that you were a team player back and gave ‘em a chance. Little things like calling or texting the recruiter back, letting them know fully what you want and need, and being a good traveler to work with.

  2. If you got a match and for ANY reason it’s not working out, let us at Nomadicare know on our text line 469-988-5543 or on the form below. We will give you a quick survey so we can get you re-matched right away with someone who is a better fit for you!

  3. If even after the re-match you think all the recruiters are just not cutting it- let us know and we will cut you a check for $100. For real.

Things That Don’t Get You $100

  1. Your recruiters are communicating with you but you just don’t love what they are saying (like there are no jobs where you want to go, or how much money you need is not something they can accommodate, or they don’t pay overtime how you like or have the same insurance as another company, etc).

  2. You have been super crazy over the top rude to the recruiters. We are all humans and recruiters do mess up or have deaths in their family that take them away from their desk or just make an honest mistake. Nomadicare advocates for kind communication - yup- even during the hard communication. Even when we as travelers need to walk away. Even when we as travelers need to set boundaries. No matter what, Nomadicare travelers are kind and clear. That is how we progress this industry together as travelers! We hope and do everything we can to give you a match you don’t have to walk away from- but it’s okay if it happens! We are here for YOU! We have your back in this.

  3. If Nomadicare does not have recruiters available to serve you. We want you to live your dream, so much. We will STILL try to match you and help you get on your way anyway we can. If we can’t match you because you are a harder specialty to find a job for in travel healthcare, we can not give you $100 for that. Sorry, boo!

    Our recruiters tell us that below are the specialties that they can best serve:

    Travel Nurse Specialities





    Step Down




    Travel Therapy Specialities




    Travel Radiology and Imaging Specialities

    MRI Tech







Here’s how we see it in a coffee analogy

(They are what we do best!)

travel nurse nomadicare recruiter

We Give You Your First Match:

AKA: You walk in all nice and kind to a coffee shop.

And you tell us exactly what you want (Latte, please!)

And we give you an Americano.

And it’s burnt.

So, you ask for a new one.

(Ahem, latte, please!)

We Give You Your Re-Match:

Uh-oh we STILL gave you a burnt Americano??

Pfft. Well boo on us if that happens.

We’ll give you $100.

That’s like 20 lattes right there!

The $100 Form
💵 💵 💵 💵 💵 💵 💵 💵 💵 💵 💵 💵 💵 

You have 30 days from your re-match to let us know that you feel like we dropped the ball, my friends!

Then your next step is just to figure out what to do with all those dollars!

Name *
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Thanks for helping us learn how to be better!