A word on being human

Her mom died.

She walked into her mom’s closet and saw dozens of shoes, unopened, all from Zappos.

They were all past the return date.

She calls Zappos.

This is what they said.

“I am so sorry for your loss. We will send you a big box with the postage paid for. Fill it up with the shoes. Send it back to us. We will refund all the shoes.”

This was so kind.

Then she came home the following day to a huge bouquet of flowers.

Now they are remarkable. They moved past business and into being human.

Remarkable: Doing something above average. Something that is worth someone else taking the time to {remark} about it to their friends. It goes above our job description and what is expected of us.

Human: People over profits. Leading with heart. Connection.

Being human to other humans means remembering the big picture. The real big one. That we all have one short life in this world together.

It is worth the effort to slow down and connect with other humans even when the job description doesn’t force you to. (or even encourages you not to)

Good business is human.

Think back to your last month. Have you done anything {good} that is worth another person taking the time to talk about you for? Did you slow down enough to really put yourselves in someone else’s shoes and care for them beyond the expectations of your job?

Nomadicare is the business of humans.

Nomadicare is here to connect great and honest recruiters to great travelers.

Nomadicare does take the risk for the company and only gets paid if those travelers get placed in a job.

And Nomadicare really wants to stay in business and see all the travelers placed in jobs!

However, our goal is not about that. We are here for impact. It is why we don’t take on just any company. It’s why we take our time with the interviews with new recruiters and on-boarding. We drip great travelers to recruiters and not overwhelm them with 10 a week. It’s about quality. It’s about WOW. It’s about stepping up and truly being something different and better.

Transparent. Vetted. Honest. Remarkable. Passion. Human. Empowered. — They are all just buzzwords unless they are put into action. We are a company dedicated to the action behind the words, not just the branding.

We want a long-term relationship with our recruiters and we want to make a difference to our travelers. We want recruiters who are dedicated to bringing joy and something unique to these brave travelers.

It’s more work. It’s more time.

And it’s more human.

xo Laura

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Taxable rate per hour

If you have a tax home you can get money in two ways: Your taxable base pay per hour + tax-free stipends that help pay for your housing and meals in your new city.

If you do not have a tax home all of your pay will be taxed and put in this field.

Good to know: Your taxable base pay is the only part of your paycheck that is legally considered income. The average taxable base pay is $20 but you might get offers higher or lower than this. It’s the only part of your paycheck that is taxed

Nomadicare’s purpose is to empower. It’s the lifeblood that flows through every single thing we create. We are here to make sure every traveler has all the transparent knowledge they need to make empowered decisions. We want you to feel confident so you can live your dream!

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We highly recommended being ready! Having all of your documents and being super responsive are key. Speed is the biggest factor in getting the job you want. We recommend using a free service like Kamana, which you can share your online resume, credentials, and licenses with a single link to any of our vetted recruiters when requesting an interview.
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