The Nomadicare recruiter guarantee

Recruiters. Your window to the world of travel healthcare. Your only access to landing a travel gig in a new place. The person who determines just how much you can really make. Getting one recruiter versus another could make the difference of $500 a week. Yep! That’s how much it matters.

And sometimes it can be a little tricky. There are over 400 agencies out there and finding trustworthy recruiters can be hard. Especially when it’s part of their job to act like our best friends (and they’re really good at it!). But recruiters are humans too. And they’re trying to perform well at their jobs just like we are.

Lucky for us, this relationship can be a win-win for everyone.

I’m here. To make sure you have amazing recruiters that you love. Because traveling should be fun not stressful! Every recruiter you get matched with through Nomadicare is vetted and has passed the famous Honest Recruiter Interview. They all come with a Nomadicare guarantee.

Their guarantee to you is that they will:

1. Never blind submit you to a job. Blind submitting a traveler means your recruiter submitted your resumé and personal information to an open job before you explicitly said yes. Once you are submitted you are pretty much locked into that pay package and being represented by that company for this job. Our recruiters promise to never submit you until they get the ok from you. undefined

2. Never make you feel guilty (even passively) for working with 2-3 companies. Not all companies have the same jobs. And the companies that do share jobs may have different relationships with those facilities and sometimes different bill rates to work with. It’s important to explore your options. Recruiters know this. That’s why they won’t make you feel bad or awkward for doing what’s best for yourself. Just let your recruiters know if you land a job with another company, right away. Then they know it’s time to stop hustling for you until you’re ready for your next assignment.

3. Always pay the most on the first offer. You’ll never have to negotiate with your recruiter for more. They want to be the ones that give you the highest offer. And they want you to be happy so that you want to work with them again. You can ask for more money. Just know when you do, you are having your recruiter ask the facility. So if you are able to get more money, it’s coming from the bill rate, not from your recruiter’s company.

4. Always show you the full pay (as much as they know) before submitting you. Seeing all the details before your recruiter submits you helps you to be empowered. It manages your expectations and allows you to compare your options. When possible, your recruiter will go over each bucket of money with you so you understand exactly what you’re being submitted for. We want you to know all the details before you say “Yes!”.

5. Be awesome, kind, and a true team player with you! The best recruiter relationships have lots of communication. That’s why it’s so important to be working with someone that truly treats you with kindness and respect. Your recruiters should always have your best interest. And remember to be kind to them too! Relationships go both ways. Make them feel appreciated for all the hard work that they do for you.

Cheers and thanks to all our amazing recruiters!

xo Laura

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Taxable rate per hour

If you have a tax home you can get money in two ways: Your taxable base pay per hour + tax-free stipends that help pay for your housing and meals in your new city.

If you do not have a tax home all of your pay will be taxed and put in this field.

Good to know: Your taxable base pay is the only part of your paycheck that is legally considered income. The average taxable base pay is $20 but you might get offers higher or lower than this. It’s the only part of your paycheck that is taxed

Nomadicare’s purpose is to empower. It’s the lifeblood that flows through every single thing we create. We are here to make sure every traveler has all the transparent knowledge they need to make empowered decisions. We want you to feel confident so you can live your dream!

Nomadicare is partnered with dozens of companies and each of those companies have access to different settings, locations, and exclusive contracts. We know their benefit options and who have jobs in each location. We will match you to the best recruiters for you and your goals. Every single recruiter has been vetted and comes with the Nomadicare guarantee.
You can browse the open jobs from many of our company partners on the Nomadicare’s anti bait and switch job board. When you see one that catches your eye, the goal is to apply asap. Jobs are closing faster than ever with all the craziness this year so speed is our best friend. When you request an interview, we’ll instantly match you with the vetted recruiter who posted that job.
Typically 0-3 months before you are ready to start your next assignment is best. A short quiz will give us a picture of who you are, and what you are looking for. After the quiz we’ll have everything we need to match you with the perfect recruirer for your travel goals
If you know where you want to go and you’re ready to travel, Instant Matching is perfect for you. You can browse the open jobs from many of our company partners on the Nomadicare’s anti bait-and-switch job board. When you see one that catches your eye, the goal is to apply asap. Jobs are closing faster than ever with all the craziness this year so speed is our best friend.
We highly recommended being ready! Having all of your documents and being super responsive are key. Speed is the biggest factor in getting the job you want. We recommend using a free service like Kamana, which you can share your online resume, credentials, and licenses with a single link to any of our vetted recruiters when requesting an interview.
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