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2019 Job Trends

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It’s awesome to start looking into the world of a Travel CT Tech! In the past, the only way to find out information about this job market was actually calling recruitment companies. Not only is this time consuming, you have to know the right questions to ask and you have to hope the recruiter you got on the phone is telling you the full truth.

But no longer! We are thrilled to have this resource for you so you have a great resource to see what the travel CT Tech job trends look like for you today. This is a compilation of dozens of agencies, big and small, that shared their data with us so we could create something really special for you- our travel CT-Techs!

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Estimated Number of Travel CT Tech Job Openings by State

Summer 2019

When you start researching or talking to travel IRL companies one thing you will hear is “We staff in all 50 states”.

As you can see below, that is just not true. Where you can find jobs is entirely dependent on the job market and job availability. While a company might be able to staff or hold contracts in all 50 states, that does not mean there are actually travel CT Tech openings in all 50 states.

This map is a compilation of the travel CT Tech job market for this summer. Across all of the USA there are around 81 travel CT Tech jobs open at one time. California has the most availability throughout the states, so if you are holding a California license and up to date credentials as a CT Tech there, you’re in excellent shape for your next travel journey!


What this means for our Travel CT Techs

🔥 Having 81 openings is great status in the imaging travel market! Some of the largest staffing companies have over 700 jobs in all of IRL at any one time, so this is quite a good portion of the travel market to tap into!

What Nomadicare Recruiters are saying about the Travel CT Tech Job market right now…

Right now CT Techs have their ARRT(R), which is required by all states for travel. However, you should keep an eye on it because things are changing. Some programs are starting out there for those who just want to do CT, which will be interesting to see in how the market plays out!

With travel you can see it all over the board. Sometimes travelers will also do X-Ray as well as CT but some just want to do CT and that is it, which is fine! There are a lot of opportunities for that, especially for those who may have done X-Ray years back but only have done CT in their most recent experience. We see it all. It is a great area for travelers!

tips for travel CT techs from nomadicare…

Are you packed yet?! Travel looks good out there for our CT Techs! If you are new to travel, it’s always good to get a recruiter on your team to learn the ins and outs of this world. For travel CT Techs right now, every state requires the ARRT(R) but it’s always good to ask your recruiter what the most current requirements are in the states you’d like to travel as well as the requirements of the facility you may work with for your contract.

It is not required in each state that a CT Tech also have their ARRT(CT). You can learn more about ARRT pathways here: It is an amazing travel experience for those who do X-Ray, both X-Ray and CT, just CT, and who have their ARRT(R) and gained experience with CT! Wherever you fall, travel may be right for you!

We think some hot areas to consider right now are:

  • California

  • Texas

  • New York

  • Massachusetts

  • Michigan.

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