The account manager: The facility’s point of contact

The account managers can have a big role in landing you a job but with most companies, you probably won’t have much communication with them. Their role is to talk to hospitals or the hospitals’ MSPs. They help manage hospital relationships and build new relationships to get their agency access to more job openings. Many times, if you have a question about a job, your recruiter will go through the account manager, who then goes to the hospital or MSP to get the answer.

Their job is to know everything about the jobs. The recruiter’s job is to know everything about you.

The account manager’s role

What they need and do: They want to give their clients (the hospitals) great candidates. They win when they are able to submit the talent (us) to them and their talent gets picked over other agencies’. They will write their current clients to try to find out new information, the status of a job, or if they have new needs. They are the ones who will ask their clients if we got picked to be interviewed or if we are getting an offer after an interview. Just like how recruiters can have a lot of trouble getting ahold of us at times, account managers can spend a lot of time balancing time writing their clients too much and just waiting to hear back. When we, as the travelers, feel like we are waiting and not hearing ANY updates about the jobs we submit to… trust me, these account managers feel it too! They want the same thing as us- communication! (And getting us the job)

Who they interact with the most: The MSPs and hospitals. Many companies have morning meetings where the account managers will highlight to the recruiters which clients have new needs, urgent needs, or back door contracts. They strategically try to impress certain hospitals or MSPs so they can be the agency the facility trusts. So if they just got a direct contract with Denver Children’s Hospital, you can bet they will beg their recruiters to tell all of us (the talent) about the open jobs so they can impress their new client, and the client will keep them.

Your relationship with them

How to impress them: Communication, a complete profile, and looking like an impressive candidate for them to pitch to their clients. Don’t say yes to a job if you are unsure. It makes the account managers have to have awkward conversations with their clients if we back out carelessly (just like recruiters have to have awkward conversations with us if a client cancels us). Make decisions as quickly as you can and never ghost your recruiter after an interview. It’s not good to have their clients wait forever to hear back after an offer- they need to either keep interviewing or start onboarding you.

What motivates them: Bookings! When their clients and MSPs are getting amazing candidates (us) submitted to job needs- the account managers are happy!

What frustrates them: Too many open job orders with no submittals to their strategic partners. If an account manager has a dream client who they know has LOTS of agencies they could pick from to help them get a candidate, and that account manager is lucky enough to work with them, they want to impress them. If the recruiters can’t get us to submit to their best clients, the account managers are stuck looking not so great to them.

The other players

The account manager isn’t the only one playing in this game. Check out the rest of these people (and the not-people too) and how they’re a part of your travel therapy journey.

  • The hospital or facility – The one who pays for everything else
  • Travel therapy agencies – Your employer & the middle man
  • VMSs and MSPs – The robots you need to make happy
  • The recruiter – The most important player for the traveler experience
  • The travel therapist: You! (The talent 😊)


Cheers to the travel therapy game being a win-win for everyone,

xo Laura

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