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How soon can I expect to be contacted by Nomadicare?

Our Nomadicare Matching Team is in the office Tuesday - Friday, between 10am - 4:30pm EST. We are honored to be trusted to match you with the recruiters who will shape much of your travel experience and we will text you as quick as we can when we are in the office.

How long does it take to get matched with a Nomadicare approved recruiter?

We want to get you matched up with Nomadicare recruiters as soon a possible! The sooner you are matched, the sooner you can start your travel healthcare adventure! Upon receiving your form, we do our best to match you the same day we contact you - our recruiters are excited to work with you, and get back to us quick!

How soon before my anticipated start date should I request a match with Nomadicare?

Want the inside scoop? Generally speaking, recruiters see job postings roughly six weeks out from the anticipated start date. So, what does this mean for you? If you are within this six-week time frame, GREAT! We’ll get you matched as soon as possible so you can get started.

If your anticipated start date is longer than six weeks out, never fear! We’ll get you matched up with a recruiter who generally sees positions in the areas you are looking for, so you can start a conversation with your recruiter, and build a relationship with them! 

If you want to wait to get matched but still looking for knowledge on getting started in the industry check out our blog and this webinar is a great overview.

Why do I get matched with two or three different recruiters?

At Nomadicare, our ultimate goal is to help get your the placement of your dreams! By matching you with two- three recruiters, from different companies, this gives you the greatest opportunities for success. Different companies have access to different job listings, and jobs with different types of specialities. Additionally, we know everyone’s communication style is different, and we want you to ‘click’ with your recruiter - by providing you with different recruiters, we hope you can find recruiter match-made-in-heaven, and you can build a trusting relationship with them!

You can always, always come back for a new match for any reason also!

Why am I asked about what companies I’m already working with?

By providing us with the companies you are already in touch with, this helps us match you faster! If you are already working with or speaking to a recruiter at a specific company, we aren’t able to provide you with a new recruiter match from that company! This is so you don’t get double matched and is a courtesy to the recruiter/company you are already working with. IF however, you don’t have a good relationship with the recruiter you are working with, you can request a switch directly with that company.

Why did I only get matched with one recruiter?

You might only get matched with one recruiter if:

  1. We have limited recruiters who match your requirements. If this is the case, we will reach back out to see if you are ready for a match in the future!

  2. If there are limited jobs in your specific field/speciality, we will try and get you matched with a recruiter so that they can keep an eye out for openings in your field!

I've been matched with a Nomadicare recruiter, now what?

The Nomadicare Matching Team will let you know as soon as you are matched with two of our awesome recruiters via text! Additionally, we send an email introducing you and your recruiter to each other, which includes fun facts about your recruiter, as well as information about the company’s benefits/policies.

We love transparency at Nomadicare so from that email you will see everything from their favorite quote to how they pay overtime and extensions. You get to know it all from day one, in writing!

From there, Nomadicare takes a step back, and it’s up to your recruiter and you to reach out to each other to schedule a time to connect! Of course, if you have additional questions about travel healthcare, or contracts, you can always reach out to us!

When would a re-match request be appropriate?

We’ve pre-vetted all of our recruiters and provide you with the best match possible, but sometimes life happens. If you circumstances change, your recruiter has been unresponsive, or you just aren’t ‘jiving’ with them, don’t hesitate to fill out the form again! We are here for YOU! And we are happy to re-match you at anytime.

How do I navigate working with multiple recruiters at the same time?

It's perfectly normal (and recommended!) to work with more than one recruiter at a time, as long as they are from different companies. You shouldn't feel guilty for being smart about your job search, and casting a wide net. Different companies see different jobs, in various parts of the country, so don't shy away from staying connected with multiple recruiters. 

That being said, communication is key. If you'd prefer to only work with one of your Nomadicare matches, that's totally fine! We have an awesome guide to download HERE, that goes over how best to communicate this without burning bridges. 

What if I’m not ready to talk to recruiters just yet, but just want more information and discuss my fears and questions with someone?

No problem! Check out Nomadicare's Empowered Traveler Facebook group!

I got the job (yay!) - now what?

Congratulations! First - give yourself a pat on the back and do a dance. The journey has only just begun!

Second - be open and honest with other recruiters you are working with. Honesty is a two way street, remember. Not only will sharing the news hopefully result in a big ole CONGRATS from them, but it will help build rapport with them long term. You may not be working with them now, but you might need their help and expertise in the future. Let them know if you'd like to continue working with them in the future, and the dates of your new contract so they can be sure to check in, in time for your next placement!

We have an awesome guide to download HERE that has email templates in it for happy communication with all your recruiters!