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Nomadicare recruiters go through our famous 3-hour interview to make the approved list. They are the best of the best and from over 30 staffing agencies.

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Discover where the jobs are, how many jobs there are, and if this is the right time for you to be leaping into the travel healthcare word. Updated each season.

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Find out which company you should be working with to get you to the location you want. Nomadicare knows who has the most travel healthcare jobs in each location. Come back before each assignment.


Enjoy peace of mind knowing Nomadicare is the only place in the industry that holds recruiters accountable for fair pay, communication, and honesty. We have your back! 

8 years ago...

I showed up to an assignment and found I was making 2k a month less than another traveler. Doing the same job! This industry needed to change. And a mission began. Let's take the used car sale tactics and unfair practices out of this industry!

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Nomadicare was born

Nomadicare has now matched over 5,000 travelers to recruiters they can trust. It has become an entire movement dedicated to travelers being empowered and treated fairly. It's the only place in the industry that holds recruiters accountable and stays un-bias in it's education to travelers.

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Being a traveler can taste like a cocktail of excitement + faith + doubt with a splash of fear (shaken, not stirred)! Feeling empowered and armed with clear, non-bias education + an honest recruiter is an amazing path to success in this industry. And that is what I (and Nomadicare) are here for.

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The Nomadicare Promise

Hi, I'm Laura. A traveling, latte drinking girl who founded Nomadicare to give fellow healthcare travelers a safe spot to learn and find honest recruiters who treat them fair. I'm here to serve. My company is built on a bedrock of love, a passion for what’s possible, and a commitment to be an unstoppable force for good.

Live your dream,
xo Laura

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