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The Recruiter Matchmaker for travel nurses, therapists & techs

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Welcome to Nomadicare's List of Honest Recruiters

💯 Raising the Integrity in the Travel Healthcare Industry. 💯

Created By A Traveler For Travel Nurses, Therapists and Techs.

It is 100% FREE for you!

Every match is custom, individualized and hands on

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Location Matching

If you need to get to NYC we will reach out to all our companies and find the most direct contracts so that you can get to your dream.

Benefit Matching

If you need a benefit like day one medical insurance, we will match you to your specific needs.  


Every Nomadicare recruiter has been pre-vetted. Our famous 3 hour interview only allows the best through. (Only 1 in 4 pass).

Fair Pay

If they pass that means we have pre-negotiated fair pay for you. Yes, you get paid more as a Nomadicare Traveler at many companies.


It also means the recruiters really understand this industry and they would never do any of these red flags. 

Cherry On Top

They are FUN and passionate. They all are a joy to get to know and team up with for your journey!


compare nomadicare to other ways of finding a recruiter.

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Be empowered!

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