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"I use it all the time, even when I’m not looking for an assignment. I just like to see what’s out there"

Joselyn, Occupational Therapist

"I have recommended Nomadicare to at least two prior classmates who have reached out asking about travel PT"

Megan, Physical Therapist

"Nomadicare gathers information to empower and educate travelers about a variety of issues including negotiating contracts and fair pay."

Megan, Speech Language Pathologist

"Excellent resources for any rehab therapist considering travel therapy"

Andrew, Physical Therapist

"Great resource where I met my wonderful recruiter. Enjoy keeping up with what jobs are in particular areas and the pay trends."

Lori, Speech Language Pathologist

"I love that Laura started as a traveler and personally knows the ins and out of travel and what it’s like to be a traveler"

Lindsay, Occupational Therapist

Frequently asked questions

What is travel therapy?

There is a shortage of rehab therapists, healthcare facilites often struggle to hire local therapists. To help, they will hire travel therapists from farther away to come work at their facility, typically through a staffing agency. Nomadicare helps you know which agencies have the jobs you want.

Can new grads be travel therapists?

Yes! You can totally travel as a new therapy grad. We recommend starting your job search and talking to recruiters about 3-4 months from your ideal start date. If you’re earlier than that we recommend downloading our free getting started guide for new therapists!

What if I'm not ready to travel?

This it’s time to learn! Education has a huge impact on being a successful travel therapist and avoiding common mistakes. Download our free getting started guide for new travel therapists or track the market by creating a job alert so you’ll exactly how many jobs are in your preferred locations and how much they are paying!

Is Nomadicare a staffing agency?

No! We are a free travel therapy resource created by a travel therapist! Our mission is to educate, inspire, and bring more pay transparency to the travel therapy industry. 

What agencies do we work with?

We work with dozens of the top staffing agencies, from big to boutique, and everything in between. Since different agencies have different jobs, we save you time searching all over the internet and being them all together in one place.

How much does Nomadicare cost?

Nomadicare is free and doesn’t impact your pay if you get a job through us. Since we help travel therapists compare jobs from different agencies for the best deal, Nomadicare travelers on average make $175 more per week.

Know when jobs are posted in your preferred locations and how much they’re paying. 

Get transparency into the market for your specialty and preferred locations.

See each state’s requirements, costs, and timeline to get licensed.

File your federal and state taxes with a travel healthcare tax expert you can trust.

Shop multiple plans from top providers with a vetted insurance advisor you can trust.

Learn key concepts from travel therapy from experts on dozens of topics.