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With over 400 recruiting companies in travel healthcare, wondering if you chose the right one to get you to your dream location can feel overwhelming!

We vet for honest recruiters and we have access to see dozens of companies’ open jobs all at once – making us the SUPER connector for you. Whether your goal is getting to Maine or Oregon, we will match you to the perfect company for your dreams. 💕

Our Honest Recruiter Match Promise

No more bait and switch

A travel healthcare job board that you can actually trust. 

Accuracy: These jobs are refreshed and updated consistently.

Transparency: Nomadicare always requires companies to shows you the full pay and details up front.

Choice: See open jobs from dozens of top agencies in one spot!

Speed: Jobs close fast but with our revolutionary job board your chances of getting in front of a hiring manger just went way up!

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We are fed-up, it's time for a change

Fed-up with the lack of transparency in the process of finding good travel assignments. Nomadicare is challenging the unfair system in a BIG way. We are the recruiter matchmakers and a healthcare tech company that is designed FOR the traveler and for the integrity of this amazing industry (not the bank accounts of the staffing agency shareholders. Welcome to the empowered traveler movement!