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 A new standard has been set

Fair Pay. Kindness. Transparency. Speed. 

Welcome to Nomadicare's List of Recruiters!

Created by a traveler for travelers to raise the integrity in our Industry.


Travel nurses. Travel therapists. Travel radiologists.

Get your two custom matches here

And yes it is all 100% FREE for you. No catch, my friends! 

We would never sell your information: You only get matched with two Nomadicare Approved recruiters who are upholding integrity and have the locations and benefits you need to live your dream!

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When will you ready for your next assignment?
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Note: The more benefits you must have, the fewer companies we can reach out to in order to see who actually has jobs where you want it (each company has different jobs). Let us know if the LOCATION matters the most - meaning you are flexible on your benefits wish list. Or let us know if the benefits are non-negotiable (even if that means you need to be more flexible on where you go.) Thanks!
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What to expect

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1. We are here to empower and educate YOU.

2. We make it simple and fun to learn (you got this, nomad! Check out the blog for some empowered guides and knowledge.) 

3. No need to spend hours calling companies! We've done this part for you! We find out which companies have the jobs where you want to go. You only get matched with a Nomadicare Approved recruiter who is a great fit for you and your needs.

4. Need first day medical insurance? 401k? Travel reimbursement? We got you covered there too! If there is a benefit you must have, we will make sure the company you are matched with is on the same page. 

5. Fair Pay. Kindness. Transparency. Speed. That's right, we have a list. Each recruiter and company goes through an interview to get our Nomadicare Stamp of Approval. (Only around 25% pass- the interview is no joke.) We only add recruiters to our list who embody honesty, integrity, and kindness (and who know this industry well).

6. Always know you can ask for a new match as things change. Come on back and give us feedback on your recruiters or get a new match. We are here for you always. 


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