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Frequently asked questions

Nomadicare is not a staffing agency. We are a free matchmaking service for finding vetted recruiters who have the jobs you want.

We work with dozens of the best travel therapy agencies so you can compare pay packages from multiple agencies. 

We offer 24/7 email and sms support for all of your travel therapy questions (Housing, Taxes, Licensure, etc).

A travel therapist is a short-term healthcare worker that picks up temporary assignments in different locations and settings. You can travel locally (within your state) or you could choose to pursue an adventure across the country!

Learn more about travel therapy

It totally depends! Different agencies have different jobs and benefits! You also want agencies with unique and direct jobs. Through our vetting process we reject 60% of the agencies and recruiters who try to join Nomadicare, meaning you only get the best when you use Nomadicare!

You want to find short term furnished rentals, ideally month to month and affordable. The two most popular places to find housing are Furnished Finders and Facebook Groups.

If you find a place on sites like Airbnb, Vrbo, etc … before you book, message the host for long-term discount and month to month terms for 3 months.

It mostly comes down to a few things:

– Establish a tax home
– Maintain your tax home
– Duplicate your expenses
– Travel far enough away

Learn more about it here

Need Help? Get a free tax home consult with a vetted travel tax pro

There are three options:

– Your staffing agency’s insurance
– The Marketpcare (
– Private insurance plans

About 60% of travelers choose their agencies plan, the other 40% choose private plans of the marketplace,

Private and marketplace plans allow you to more from agecny to agency wihtouh gaps in coverage or reapplying for insurnace. 

Marketplace plans will only work in one state, you’ll need to re-apply if you move between states.

Private plans offer the most flexibility, allowing you to apply once and travel freely with multiple agencies in multiple states. You can compare private plans with a vetted broker at

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