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The Recruiter Matchmaker for travel nurses, therapists and techs.  


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Welcome to Nomadicare's List of Honest Recruiters

Created by a traveler for travelers.

Time to raise the integrity in our industry.


 A New Standard Has Been Set By Us:

The Empowered Travelers Tribe. 



Travel Nurses. Travel Therapists. Travel Techs.

Get your two custom matches here

It is 100% FREE for you. No catch, my travel friends! 

We would never sell your information: 

 I am a traveler and I remember the days of my phone blowing up from having a dozen different companies calling me. No way would I do that to you. 

You get matched with two Nomadicare Approved Recruiters who are upholding integrity AND have the locations and benefits you need to live your dream! (Two to start. You can always come back for more!)

First - Congrats on finding this free resource for travelers! We are here for YOU!

This is the only place in the industry that does anything like this.

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Every match is custom, individualized and hands on. We talk to our amazing recruiters every single day. If you need to get to NYC we will reach out to them all and see who has the most direct contracts there so that you can get to your dream. If you absolutely need day one medical insurance, we have dozens of companies to pick from. We will match you to your specific needs.  

And you can feel confident every Nomadicare recruiter really has your best interest in mind. We have interviewed them and trained them to the Nomadicare win/win standard. It's over 3 hours and only 1 in 4 recruiters pass. If they pass that means we have pre-negotiated fair pay for you, that they really understand this industry and they would never do any of these red flags

Plus part of the interview is making sure they are FUN and passionate- so they all are a joy to get to know and team up with for your journey!



We are 100% dedicated to getting you your dream match so you can live your dream!

No one matches you to recruiters like we do! 


We get the match request and get to work! Before we send the connection email we are in touch with your recruiters. We make sure your company has the contracts in the location you need to get to. 


If you need day one medical insurance, don't worry we are not wasting your time with companies that don't offer this! Dream matches mean we make sure you have what they need for you. 


Working with dozens of great staffing companies gives us the inside scoop. We love to share what we know as we match you.

We are here to help empower you with the knowledge you need to succeed! 

For example: If you are asking for a location that over a dozen companies said there is no jobs for- we will let you know this. If you are a COTA and we know there are only 25 jobs across the nation we will tell you so you can have clear expectations. If you are a ER nurse and jobs are flying in, we will tell you that too! 


We created an amazing new way for you to connect with ALL our honest recruiters from dozens of companies without them having your contact details. 

The Dream Job Board (check it out!) You submit your dream location and the recruiters can submit pay packages straight to you. They only get matched to you if they truly have the job you are looking for! 


And of course not to be forgotten: Every recruiter who makes our list has gone through over 3 hours of interviewing and we talk to them and hold them accountable daily to their promises. 

We've vetted them for knowledge, passion, follow-through, friendliness and honesty. Only 1 in 4 recruiters pass the interview and these guys are truly the best of best when you want a relationship and true team work feeling with your recruiter!   


We like our recruiters. But they are on our list for way more than likability. They are honest and wanted to be part of the Nomadicare Empowered Travelers Movement. We have a Nomadi-Fair standard of what a true win/win is for travelers and recruiters to be a real team. Many of them are listed here. 

And these recruiters are honored to be a part of making this industry united and better for everyone. 


Fun fact: We stand by these values so much that some companies have a separate pay package calculator and account  manager just for Nomadicare travelers. That's right! You- as a Nomadicare traveler- have a good reputation just because you are using this resource.

Historically Nomadicare Travelers have been great and honest communicators, kind, adventurous, grateful, educated and fun to work with. (And you don't do any of the traveler red flags

Because YOU rock and we have built up this reputation, companies pick us first and pay us better! They can trust us. So the account manager knows if it's a Nomadicare traveler to get them submitted to jobs first and fastest. And to use the Nomadicare pay calculator to give us better overtime rates and pay rates. 

Being awesome pays off! Thanks for being awesome and allowing this community to keep shining for everyone!


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