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We will match the perfect recruiters to you for your unique goals! 

There are over 400 agencies crying for your attention. That's thousands of recruiters who want to talk to you! We help you find the recruiters who actually have the jobs in the locations you want and with the benefits you need. Just let us know, and we'll take care of the rest!

Unlimited Matches

Your mission is to always have three great recruiters looking for your jobs. Your goals may change, your recruiter’s hustle levels will fluctuate. Take care of you. No matter the reason, come back as often as you like.

Traveler Mentor

Imagine how empowering it would be to have a traveler mentor in your pocket. A person who is dedicated to making sure you get reliable, honest insight about whatever you are going through. Text, email, call, or even video chat with us. We are here for YOU. 

Vetted Recruiters

A recruiter having the location you need is great. A recruiter who also is trustworthy and certified with the Nomadicare recruiter guarantee? That is priceless (by priceless we mean you will make more money with these guys!) 

Traveler Community

We're here for you, but we also have over 5,000 travelers going through the same challenges you experience everyday as a traveler. You'll be able to join our traveler newsletter and private social media groups as part of your match.

How matching works and why you’ll love it

Simply tell us where you want to go, and we'll get you there! Each match comes with your own dedicated Nomadicare expert to help you along the way. Get answers to your questions via text, email, phone, or video, all for free. Matches come directly to your inbox, no app to download or password to remember, it's really that easy.

Meet your mentor

Every match comes with your own travel mentor, who has real world travel healthcare experience.

Get your matches

Matches come straight to your inbox. No app to download or passwords to remember.

Ask us anything

Easily get answers to your questions by text, email, phone, or video. Free support comes with every match.

Earn traveler rewards

Let us know when you're placed and receive a special gift from Nomadicare.

Frequently asked questions

For all of those "this sounds too good to be true" moments

How much does Nomadicare cost?

100% free. No hidden cost will ever pop up. The agencies pay Nomadicare since we help them be known and it is guaranteed this will not impact your paycheck. Actually, because of the great reputation Nomadicare Travelers have - many times Nomadicare Travelers get paid more. So it’s almost like we are paying you! 😉

What if I don't like my matches?

No hard feelings. No guilt trip. We are here FOR you, the travelers, to truly experience what it feels like to have a recruiter team you really like. Until that happens, please come back and get re-matched. You have unlimited matches! 

And if a recruiter does something wrong we are grateful to know. If we learn a recruiter is breaking any of the Nomadicare Guarantees we will remove them from the list.

What if I have questions after being matched?

Great! We are thrilled to be here for you. By being matched you become a Nomadicare Traveler. And Nomadicare Travelers get access to a dedicated traveler expert that you can text, call, email, and even video chat with!

What is the Nomadicare Recruiter Guarantee? 

Nomadicare recruiters have been through the famous 3 hour certification that tests a recruiter’s fair pay, communication, and honesty. If they pass, they are someone we would be thrilled to trust with our sister.

Their guarantee to you is that they will never blind submit you to a job, never make you feel guilty (even passively) for working with 2-3 companies, always pay the most on the first offer, and always show you the full pay (as much as they know) up front

Is my contact information secure?

Yes! So much yes. Nomadicare is the anti-lead generation site. There ARE sites out there who pose as an education site and sell your information to the top bidder. You are not for sale. We are a mission driven business that was created by travelers and we care deeply about your privacy. Your information is only passed along to the recruiters you are matched to and no one else will ever get it.

What makes Nomadicare different than a job board?

Ah, you mean those bait and switch, fake job boards that scattered our industry?Nomadicare’s instant matching could not be more different. We believe in transparency. With Nomadicare you will see ALL the real jobs from multiple agencies in one place. How empowering to see where the open jobs really are. 

Then just click Instant Match to request the full pay breakdown. You’ll then get matched to the right Nomadicare Certified Recruiter with no time wasted (speed is your best friend in landing an open job). 

Save time and earn more money with a vetted recruiter from Nomadicare

We have you covered. We know which companies have contracts in each location and we know their benefits. All you have to do is tell us what is important to you and we will get to work making sure you have the team you need to live your dream!

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