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Frequently asked questions

100% free. No hidden cost will ever pop up. Many times Nomadicare Travelers get paid more because we have pre-negotiated many perks for you, and we hold the recruiters accountable to paying you the most they can at the first offer. You don’t get that when you find your own recruiters, so it’s almost like we are paying you! 😉
No hard feelings. No guilt trip. We are here FOR you, the travelers, to truly experience what it feels like to have a recruiter team you really like. Until that happens, please come back and get re-matched. You have unlimited matches! If a recruiter does something wrong we are grateful to know. If we learn a recruiter is breaking any of the Nomadicare Guarantees we will remove them from the list.
Any question, any time, we’re here for you! Every single Nomadicare Traveler get access to a dedicated traveler expert that you can text, call, email, and even video chat with! It’s like a travel mentor in your pocket!
Yes! So much yes. Nomadicare is the anti-lead generation site. There ARE sites out there who pose as an education site and sell your information to the top bidder. You are not for sale. We are a mission driven business that was created by a traveler and we care deeply about your privacy. Your information is only passed along to the recruiters you are matched to and no one else will ever get it.