How Matching Works and the Nomadicare Recruiter Guarantee

Hi I’m Laura – the founder of Nomadicare and commonly known as the recruiter matchmaker! When I was a traveler, I found out I was making $400 less a week for the same job just because I was working with a dishonest recruiter. In that frustration, I created Nomadicare to help travelers not get taken advantage of like I did!

Nomadicare is where you get matched to honest companies and recruiters and find out if you are getting paid fair (before you say yes to a contract!)

As a traveler, I used to have two major concerns. 

  • First, I worried that I might miss out on incredible jobs just because I was with the wrong agency. I always wondered if there were better assignments out there that I wasn’t aware of. 
  • Second, I feared that I might end up with a recruiter who wouldn’t offer me the pay I deserved. It was frustrating to think that I might be paid less than others for doing the same job.

I created Nomadicare to solve these exact problems for fellow travelers. We match you to an honest recruiter and, since agencies have access to different jobs, we make sure the vetted recruiter works for an agency that has jobs in the locations you are trying to go to.

How Nomadicare works

  1. We use our custom technology and track the latest job openings from dozens of agencies in real-time.
  2. You fill out our custom match form and tell us about your goals. Now we can see which staffing agency has jobs where you want to go, in the settings you want. For example, if you’re looking for a school-setting job in California, we know which agency has the inside scoop on positions there that others don’t.
  3. Once we find your perfect company, we match you with the best recruiter from within that company. We thoroughly vet and interview each recruiter, and we hold them accountable to the Nomadicare Guarantee after their interview.

What’s the Nomadicare Guarantee?

  • Our recruiters will pay you the most they can upfront, with no shady negotiation tactics.
  • We will never submit your application without your knowledge or consent.
  • Our recruiters are responsive and committed to follow through on their promises.
  • You will always see the full pay package upfront before any submission.
  • Our recruiters will never make you feel guilty for speaking with other recruiters.

If a recruiter we matched you to breaks any of these please let us know right away! This is the guarantee they gave to us and we will remove them from getting future traveler matches if they are breaking these.

How do we make sure we’re getting the best recruiters?

It all starts with our interview process. We’re only interested in the best of the best, so we only interview those with the experience and industry knowledge we’re looking for. In fact, half of those we interview don’t even make the cut.

Once a recruiter has passed our rigorous interview process, they can start being matched with travelers who are a great fit for them. But let’s be clear: we hold our recruiters accountable. We have plenty of data to see if they’re delivering on their promises, but we also look to our community (that’s you!) for feedback.

When you’re matched with a recruiter, we ask you to leave a review. That way, you can let us know if they’re doing a great job or if they need to improve. If they’re not treating you right, we’ll take action and potentially even remove them from our approved list.

You, as the Nomadicare community, vote on which recruiters stay or go from the approved list. Our interview matters but how they treat you matters more. 

Our ultimate goal

It is to make sure you find a recruiter you love and trust. At Nomadicare, our mission isn’t complete until you’re completely satisfied. We are your matchmakers, and we can re-match you until you find that perfect fit! Because it makes all the difference in the joy on your travels to have that true trust and bond with a great recruiter

Every traveler deserves a recruiter they can trust!

Laura Latimer

Laura Latimer

Travel OT and Founder of Nomadicare

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